Examining the Relationship between Communication Skills and Conflict Management Styles of School Administrators According to Perceptions of Primary and Secondary School Teachers


  • Veysel Okçu; Emine Doğan; İdil Dayanan


The purpose of this study was to examinate the relation between communication skills of school administrators and conflict management styles according to perceptions of primary and secondary school teachers’. The study was a correlational survey design. The population of this study concluded from 2952 primary and elementary school teachers located in district of Batman. The sample of this study composed of 349 teachers working 20 primary and 15 elementary schools which randomly selected. As a result of the study, when the relation between school principals’ communications skills and sub-dimensions of conflict management styles were investigated, it was observed that there was a high relation in positive direction between communication skills and integration dimension, and there was a positive and moderate level relation between compromise and communication skills, and there was negative and low level relation between dominance dimension and communication skills, and there was a positive and low level relation between avoidance dimesion and communication skills, there was a positive and high level relation between reconciliation dimension and communication skills. However, the findings of the study postulated that skill communication skills performs as significant predictor of conflict management style. The findings of the study have been discussed in terms of related literature.