The Relationship Between the Perception of the Society Related to Teaching Profession and Teachers’ Professional Motivation According to Teachers View


  • Abdurrahman İlğan; Hasan Ceviz


There is a big difficulty for teachers in order to reach the desired aims, and teachers need motivation to do this job properly. The aim of the study, which is managed in a quantitive approach, is to define the relationship between how teaching profession is seen for society and perception of teachers’ professional motivation from a teacher’s perception for both variables. And finally, analyses were made on how the teachers’ professional perception from society predicts their professional motivation. The research has conducted on survey method. The sample of the study was consisted of 545 teachers working in primary school, middle high school and high school in the province center of Düzce. Both instruments used in the research (motivation of teaching and perception of society related to teaching profession) developed by researchers and pilot application was also carried out. As a result of the research, it was found that the professional perceptions of the teachers were in moderate level and the professional motivations were relatively high. The correlation between the professional perceptions and professional motivations of teachers’ is positive and intermediate level. It has been revealed that the perception of the teaching profession of society was at a low level of the professional motivation of teachers. It is seen that the low-level coefficient in path analysis was close to Pearson Correlation between occupational perception and occupational motivation. According to teachers, the perception of the teaching profession in the society, has been found to be the most predictor of "the profession and the value attributed to the profession" as one of the subscales of the motivation scale. It is possible to say that as the value / importance assigned by the society to the teaching profession increases, the motivation of the teacher will increase at a low level.