An Evaluation of Educational Administration Distance Education Master’s Non-thesis Programs From The Viewpoints of Instructors


  • Yılmaz Yıldızhan; Nezahat Güçlü


The purpose of this study is to assess the distance education master’s non-thesis programs in the field of educational administration based on the opinions of instructors. Research data were collected using semi-structured "Instructor Interview Form," with 16 academics. Data were analyzed through content analysis. The results of the analyses indicate that most of the instructors find it inadequate, and have a pessimistic opinion about the future of educational administration as a field. Most of the instructors who participated in the study stated the opinion that the programs are initiated with commercial agendas, and have no contribution to the educational administration field. The participants indicated that quality standards that are accredited by independent accreditation organizations have to be established in order to ensure quality in these programs, and emphasized that permission has to be denied to institutions that lack the required technical infrastructure and competent instructors.