Consumer Perception Towards Green Products: Implications For Sustainable Marketing Strategies

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Pratik Pravin


Growing environmental awareness has prompted consumers, marketers, researchers, and policymakers to adopt various green methods and strategies in addressing environmental challenges. This research paper aims to examine the influence of marketing strategies employed by environmentally conscious companies on consumer purchase decisions, with a specific focus on consumer perceptions of green products. The study primarily targets consumers who have previously purchased green products in order to accomplish this objective. Statistical analysis reveals a significant relation between Product Factors, Marketing Strategies, and Consumers' Green Values. The research data was collected from a sample size of 118 individuals. Building upon existing literature, this study contributes to a deeper understanding of the impact of marketing strategies on consumer behavior, particularly in the context of environmentally friendly products. The research findings reveal that consumers are highly concerned about environmental protection and have a positive attitude towards green products. They prioritize ecological sustainability and show an increasing adoption of environmentally friendly items.



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Pratik Pravin

Assistant professor: Department of Commerce, Atmiya University, Rajkot. INDIA,