A Comprehensive Review Of E-Banking: Unravelling Trends, Challenges, And Future Directions

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Sweta Savaliya
Dr. Vishal Khasgivala


In the ever-evolving landscape of financial services, electronic banking, or E-banking, stands as a pivotal domain that has garnered significant attention from researchers, practitioners, and policymakers alike. As we navigate the digital age, where technological advancements redefine the contours of conventional banking, a comprehensive review of the existing literature on e-banking becomes imperative. This paper aims to synthesize the wealth of knowledge accumulated in this domain, providing a nuanced understanding of the trends, challenges, and future directions that have emerged through extensive research and practical implementations. This review paper will navigate through the key themes that have emerged in the extensive body of literature on e-banking. This paper embarks on a journey to dissect the e-banking services offered by both public and private sector banks in India, unravelling the distinct approaches, challenges, and triumphs that characterize their foray into the digital domain


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Sweta Savaliya, & Dr. Vishal Khasgivala. (2024). A Comprehensive Review Of E-Banking: Unravelling Trends, Challenges, And Future Directions. Educational Administration: Theory and Practice, 30(6(S), 164–167. https://doi.org/10.53555/kuey.v30i6(S).5344
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Sweta Savaliya

Department of Management, FoBC,Atmiya University, Rajkot, Gujarat.

Dr. Vishal Khasgivala

Dean: Faculty of Business and Commerce, Atmiyauniversity, Rajkot, Gujarat