Unveiling the Work-Life Challenges Faced by Supply Chain Management Executives: Solutions for a Well-Balanced Career in India

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Sruthy Suresh K


This research study investigates the multifaceted work-life challenges confronted by supply
chain management executives in India. The objectives of the study are two-fold: first, to
quantify and evaluate the factors impacting the work-life balance of these professionals, and
second, to delineate and provide a comprehensive description of the prevalent work-life
challenges and stressors they routinely encounter. To achieve the first objective, Factor
Analysis is employed to measure and assess the underlying factors affecting the work-life
equilibrium of supply chain management executives. Through rigorous statistical analysis,
the study uncovers the critical elements that influence their work-life balance and provides
insights into potential interventions. For the second objective, the study employs Kruskal-
Wallis Test and Mann-Whitney U Test to identify and comprehensively describe the specific
work-life challenges and stressors commonly experienced by supply chain management
executives. Leveraging a sample size of 100 supply chain executives, the research reveals the
nature and magnitude of challenges, offering a nuanced understanding of their experiences.
The findings of this study not only shed light on the work-life challenges faced by supply
chain management executives but also provide a foundation for crafting tailored strategies to
enhance their career well-being. Addressing these challenges is essential for fostering a
healthier work-life balance among supply chain professionals in India, ultimately
contributing to increased job satisfaction, improved productivity, and overall organizational
success. This research serves as a valuable resource for supply chain management
professionals, human resource practitioners, and policymakers seeking to create a more
conducive work environment and promote sustainable careers in the supply chain industry in


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Sruthy Suresh K. (2023). Unveiling the Work-Life Challenges Faced by Supply Chain Management Executives: Solutions for a Well-Balanced Career in India. Educational Administration: Theory and Practice, 29(4), 763–773. https://doi.org/10.53555/kuey.v29i4.5394
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Sruthy Suresh K

Research Scholar, Asian International University