Implementing The Electronic Administrative Decision Under The Jordanian Legislation

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Dr. suhaib Ahmad Eid El-manaseer


Administrative decision is the actual means of expressing the will of public administration. Such a decision is considered one of the important topics in administrative law to keep pace with technological developments in life in general, to ensure that administrative decisions are characterized by flexibility and development, which makes it suitable for all modern developments in administrative life. The recent developments in administrative life force legal researchers to search for new ideas and means, the most important of which is e-government, which enables public administration to use modern technological means to provide its services to the public. This requires the administration to express its will by issuing its administrative decisions using the same electronic means. Through this research, we are trying to address the most important topic of electronic administrative decision, which is the implementation of this decision. Implementation entails the legal implications of this decision, as we must analyze the essence of the electronic administrative decision and how this decision is implemented towards individuals and the administration itself.

Methodology: In this study, we will use the analytical approach and the descriptive approach of administrative legislation related to the subject of the study.


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Dr. suhaib Ahmad Eid El-manaseer. (2024). Implementing The Electronic Administrative Decision Under The Jordanian Legislation. Educational Administration: Theory and Practice, 30(7), 95–102.
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Dr. suhaib Ahmad Eid El-manaseer

(Assistant Professor of Administrative Law) Faculty of Law/ Zarqa University