Communication At Algeria Post Is An Indicator Of Its Leadership Styles A Field Study In The Unit Of Adrar

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Dr. Harrouz Bouhafs
Pr. Talbi Badreddine


Effective organizational functioning hinges significantly upon communication, serving as a fundamental pillar that seamlessly interweaves with various processes and activities. Its intricate relationship with diverse elements and organizational components mirrors the state of activities and operations within. The focus of our study is to unveil the correlation between communication and leadership styles, with an emphasis on an Algerian organizational context. Our investigation specifically delves into the Unit of Algeria Post in Adrar.

In the course of our field study, we meticulously selected a representative sample comprising 234 individuals from 73 postal facilities across the nation. The findings underscore a lack of a singular or conventional leadership style within the organization. Notably, vertical communications from senior leadership, despite demonstrating receptiveness to listening and inclusivity, exhibit a tendency to be relatively closed to active participation. This suggests a leadership orientation primarily centered around mission accomplishment.

At the team level, our study reveals that open communication, both in formal and informal channels, indicates a leadership focus more inclined towards relationships than tasks. This tendency is particularly pronounced in the organizational structures at the level of department heads and team leaders. Consequently, our research sheds light on the nuanced dynamics between communication and leadership styles within the context of an Algerian organization.


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Dr. Harrouz Bouhafs, & Pr. Talbi Badreddine. (2024). Communication At Algeria Post Is An Indicator Of Its Leadership Styles A Field Study In The Unit Of Adrar. Educational Administration: Theory and Practice, 30(7), 128–137.
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Dr. Harrouz Bouhafs

University of Bechar, Algeria, "Laboratory of Social, Psychological and Anthropological Studies", University of Relizane

Pr. Talbi Badreddine

University of Continuing education, (Algeria)