Modern Trends In Artificial Intelligence For The Banking Sector: A Case Study Of Algeria

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Amel Benali


This study aims to explore artificial intelligence (AI) technology and its various applications in the Algerian banking sector, a key driver of the economy. It also seeks to understand the advancements and modern trends in AI, highlighting its importance in enhancing the banking sector and its contribution to increasing profitability by improving financial services and performance. This includes facilitating customer experience and providing stronger data protection to prevent fraud and forgery. The study's findings indicate that although Algeria has made noticeable efforts to implement AI technologies, there has not been significant progress or widespread adoption. This is due to the lack of societal awareness and acceptance of such advancements, as well as deficiencies in the communication and information infrastructure. Therefore, it is essential to look to the experiences of countries that have proven successful in this field, focus on applying AI across all sectors, and leverage its benefits to keep pace with global changes.


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Amel Benali. (2024). Modern Trends In Artificial Intelligence For The Banking Sector: A Case Study Of Algeria. Educational Administration: Theory and Practice, 30(7), 185–191.
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Amel Benali

Ahmed Zabana University of Relizane, Laboratory of Financial Markets Management by the Application of Mathematics and Computer Science