Being a Woman School Principal in Turkey

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Özge Öztekin Bayır, Ayşe Dönmez


The purpose of this study is to examine how women school principals make sense of being a principal. Towards achieving this purpose, phenomenological approach was used. The study group consisted of 10 female school principals selected through maximum variation sampling which is a purposeful sampling method. The data was collected through a semi-structured interview form designed to reveal how participants make sense of being a school principal as woman. The interview form consisted of 21 open-ended questions. Phenomenological data analysis is used to understand how female school principals make sense of becoming a principal. The participants’ statements regarding their experience as female school principals are grouped under four (4) themes. These themes are as follows: (1) choosing to become a teacher, (2) choosing to become a principal, (3) difference in approach of female principals in school management, (4) challenges faced by women in school management in a male-dominated career area.


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Özge Öztekin Bayır, Ayşe Dönmez. (2020). Being a Woman School Principal in Turkey. Educational Administration: Theory and Practice, 26(1), 163–202.