The Problems Related to Classroom Management Encountered in The Process of Using E-Learning Systems and Solution Suggestions


  • Serkan Dinçer; Melis Yeşilpınar-Uyar


In the research, the examination of the problems that the instructors who work at the education faculty encounter in the process of the use of e-learning system in the context of classroom management and deciding the suggestions for the solution of these problems were aimed. Phenomenology design which is a kind of qualitative research design was used in the research. The participants of the research consisted of six instructors who were chosen according to the criterion sampling. The interview form that constitutes open-ended questions was used to collect the data. For analyzing the data, content analysis method was utilized. According to the result of the analysis, the participants working at the educational faculties use e-learning systems both in the classes specific to the field and shared classes. It was revealed that the problems they encounter are related to providing effective communication that constitutes the dimensions of classroom management, time management, and teaching method and they suggest that in order to solve these problems, the designs that increase the participation of the students, and the instructors’ information and experiences about e-learning systems should be enhanced and the teaching should be planned effectively.