Main Problems in the School Administration and Solutions Proposed: A Qualitative Study


  • Mehmet Sabir Çevik


This study aims to determine the main problems faced in administration by the school principals of kindergartens, primary, secondary and high schools, stemming from teachers, school personnel other than teachers, students, parents, etc.; and to identify the solutions proposed for these main problems. The research is a qualitative research modeled in the screening model and case study. Study group of the research consisted of 12 school principals selected through maximum sampling method, and working in state kindergartens, primary, secondary and high schools in the central district of Siirt in 2017-2018 school year. Research data was analysed through descriptive analysis and content analysis by utilizing semi-structured interview method. According to the research results, it was found out that school principals face with problems such as “teachers’ disregard and negligence of their tasks, low qualifications of the school personnel other than teachers, disobedience to school and classroom rules by the students, accusatory and biased attitudes of the parents, under-allocation of funds to schools”. Moreover, it was determined that in relation to these main problems, school principals suggested to “introduce a payment system based on performance and career, to outsource cleaning services, to make home visits to meet the parents, to organize guidance and training activities for parents, and to allocate a separate budget for each school”, as solutions proposed.