Prospective Teacher Training Program According to Prospective Teachers’ Opinions


  • Emine Önder


The aim of research is to reveal prospective teachers’ opinions on prospective teacher training program which began to be applied in Turkey in 2016 and their suggestions towards improving quality of this program. Phenomenology pattern, one of the qualitative research methods, was used in the research. Research data was collected from 13 prospective teachers with semi-structured interviews, data was analysed using content analysis. Consequently, it was found out in the research that most prospective teachers considered the prospective teacher training program useful in terms of their professional development. It was determined that prospective teachers gained experience towards management of education, classroom management, functioning of school, also duties to be undertaken in schools as teachers and administrators. Some of the prospective teachers attending the study evaluated the program as ‘contributed partially’ or ‘not contributed’. Prospective teachers gave suggestions including the fact that the forms about increasing quality of the program which they filled in should be arranged according to their branches, application of these forms in different schools and classes should be ensured, prospective teachers and practitioners should be informed about the scope and duration of the program, execution of program should be supervised, and the program should be provided in cities where prospective teachers are assigned.