Investigating The Impact Of Green HRM On Employee Engagement And Job Satisfaction

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Mohammad Salameh Almahairah
Dr. Dimpy Mahanta
S. M. Raihan Uddin


Examining how Green HRM distresses worker engagement as well as work satisfaction is focus of this study article. By incorporating environmental management into HR regulations, "green HRM" techniques help businesses become more sustainable. Recognising the effects of Green HRM on staff actions is critical as companies place a greater emphasis on being environmentally responsible. The research team used a descriptive analysis, collecting information from workers in different sectors via quantitative surveys. Recruiting, training, performance evaluation, and employee engagement in sustainability efforts are some of the most important Green HRM strategies studied. The results show that when Green HRM practices are put into place, it leads to happier and more engaged employees. Motive, dedication, and pride in one's job were all boosted when one's employer showed real concern for environmental sustainability.

Green HRM methods also assist workers in developing a stronger sense of belonging to the company's purpose and principles, which in turn improves morale and productivity, according to the study's authors. Workers are more likely to take initiative, have less plans to leave, and be happier in their jobs when they believe their employers care about the environment. The investigation highlights the implication of integrating environmental sustainability hooked on HRM processes, which has several benefits: it improves morale and retention rates among employees, which in turn helps the environment. Human resources experts and company executives may use the results to inform their efforts to implement sustainable strategies that boost employee engagement and happiness on the work. Also included are potential avenues for further study and the real-world consequences of using Green HRM in different types of organisations.


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Mohammad Salameh Almahairah, Dr. Dimpy Mahanta, & S. M. Raihan Uddin. (2024). Investigating The Impact Of Green HRM On Employee Engagement And Job Satisfaction. Educational Administration: Theory and Practice, 30(7), 103–108.
Author Biographies

Mohammad Salameh Almahairah

Associate Professor, Department of Management Information System, Isra University, Jordan,

Dr. Dimpy Mahanta

Founding Head & Associate Professor, Department of Psychology, Cotton University, Assam, India,

S. M. Raihan Uddin

Lecturer, Southeast Business School, Southeast University, Bangladesh

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