Integrated Thematically English Textbook By Using Photo Media For Developing Children's Vocabulary In Early Childhood Education

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Sri Slamet
Joko Nurkamto
Soetarno Joyoatmojo
Abdul Rahman


One of the reasons for the vocabulary weaknesses of children in kindergarten is the lack of textbooks quality. The survey results showed that the vocabulary taught to children can be forgotten after a few days of being given. To solve this problem, the researchers conducted a study to identify and to evaluate the quality of English textbooks used and design textbooks that should be used in TK Aisyiyah Surakarta. This type of research was design-based research Meanwhile, the research procedure was completed using two stages,i.e., the practical problem analysis and the development stages. In the first stage, the results showed that there were strengths and weaknesses to the textbooks that had been used so far. In the second stage, book development was done by maintaining the strengths of the previous book, minimizing or even eliminating the weaknesses, and incorporating new elements initiated by the researchers. These new elements were adapted to the cognitive perspective. This textbook prototype is, of course, also the result of discussions and Focus Group Discussions (FGD) between researchers and teachers and reviews from experts. As a result of the discussion and FGD, this textbook will be ready to be tested in TK Aisyiyah Surakarta.


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Slamet, S. ., Nurkamto, J. ., Joyoatmojo, S. ., & Rahman, A. . (2022). Integrated Thematically English Textbook By Using Photo Media For Developing Children’s Vocabulary In Early Childhood Education . Educational Administration: Theory and Practice, 27(4), 1168–1179.