Educational Administration: Theory and Practice

(Kuram ve uygulamada eğitim yönetimi)

e-ISSN: 2148-2403 | p-ISSN: 1300-4832 | Frequency 12 Issue Per Year | Nature: Online and Print | Language of Publication: English | Article Processing Charges: 1000 USD
The Educational Administration: Theory and Practice publishes prominent empirical and conceptual articles focused on timely and critical leadership and policy issues of educational organizations. The journal embraces traditional and emergent research paradigms, methods, and issues. The journal particularly promotes the publication of rigorous and relevant scholarly work that enhances linkages among and utility for educational policy, practice, and research arenas.
The goal of the editorial team and the journal’s editorial board is to promote sound scholarship and a clear and continuing dialogue among scholars and practitioners from a broad spectrum of education.
Educational Administration: Theory and Practice presents prominent empirical and conceptual articles focused on timely and critical leadership and policy issues facing educational organizations. As an editorial team, we embrace traditional and emergent theoretical frameworks, research methods, and topics. We particularly promote the publication of rigorous and relevant scholarly work with utility for educational policy, practice, and research.
The journal’s primary focus is on studies of educational leadership, organizations, leadership development, and policy as they relate to elementary and secondary levels of education. Examinations of leadership and policy that fall outside K-12 are considered insofar as there are meaningful connections to the K-12 arena (e.g., college pipeline). International comparative investigations are welcome to the extent they have implications for a broad audience.

Basic Journal Information

  • e-ISSN: 2148-2403 | p-ISSN: 1300-4832 | Frequency Quarterly (12 Issue Per Year) | Nature: Online | Language of Publication: English | Article Processing Charges: 1000 USD
  • Coverage Areas: Although the list is not prescriptive, EATP intends to focus on advances in the following sub-domains:
    1. Expanded views and sources of educational leadership, including beyond the individual as leader
    2. Multiple purposes and outcomes of educational leadership (e.g., instructional, managerial, democratic, inclusive, social justice)
    3. diverse analytical/theoretical lenses (e.g., organizational, sociological, sociocultural, distributed, critical)
    4. address the influence of leadership and policy on educational practice and outcomes
    5. address the impact of diverse forms of leadership preparation and development
    6. consider how the organizational structure of districts and schools impacts leadership and improvement processes
    7. enrich our understanding of schools as agents of social change
    8. examine educational environments that promote equity and social justice for students and faculty
  • Types of Papers: The Journal accepts the following categories of papers:
    • Original research
    • Position papers/review papers
    • Short-papers (with well-defined ideas, but lacking research results or having preliminary results)
    • Technology Discussion/Overview Papers
  • Peer Review Process: All submitted papers are subjected to a comprehensive blind review process by at least 2 subject area experts, who judge the paper on its relevance, originality, clarity of presentation and significance. The review process is expected to take 8-12 weeks at the end of which the final review decision is communicated to the author. In case of rejection authors will get helpful comments to improve the paper for resubmission to other journals. The journal may accept revised papers as new papers which will go through a new review cycle.
  • Periodicity: The Journal is published in 12 issues per year.
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Vol. 30 No. 5 (2024): In-Press

Published: 2024-05-01

Hirayama’s Disease- A Case Study

Dr Roopa Rao, Dr Asawari Thakur, Dr Himanshu Sharma


Investigating The Use Of Leap Motion Controller In Recognition Of Arabic Sign Language

Omar Ibrahim Asiri, Abdelrahman Osman Elfaki , Mohamed Esmael Abushaira


Dynamics In India-Russia Strategic Partnership

Nusrat Koser, Dr Zahoor Ahmed Wani


Development In Limb Prosthetics Using Machine Learning Algorithms

Subhashree Darshana, Aditi Srivastava, Rohan Agarwal, Siddharth Swarup Rautaray, Manjusha Pandey

7366 - 7376

Marketing Research Of The Territory's Image: On The Example Of The Issyk-Kul Region Of Kyrgyzstan

Nukeeva Medina Anarbekovna, Bavlankulova Dinara Dzhumakovna, Omurova Zhyldyz Namirovna, Toksobaeva Baktygul Asanovna, Kamalova Anara Kamalovna


Protecting Privacy Rights In Educational Settings: A Comprehensive Examination Of Secondary Students' Records In Margherita, Tinsukia District, Assam, India

Dr. Khoda Meena, Arunima Dutta, Nibedita Bora, Sangita Hazarika, Untung Tamuk, Mr. Anjan Kumar Bordoloi, Dr Abul Foyes Md Malik


Comparison Between Ordinary Dressing And Total Cast Offloading Dressing In Diabetic Foot Ulcer Patients.

Dr. Shaikh Aaliah Naaz, Dr.Chiranjeevi.G, Dr. E. M.J Karthikeyan, Dr. Praveen Kumar.S


Types Of Fund And Fund Management In Private Hospitals Of India

Rashmikanta Tripathy, Susanta Kumar Mishra, School of Management


Consumer’s Willingness To Purchase Energy-Efficient Home Appliances: An Analytical Study In Delhi/Ncr

Ankur Lohiya, Dr.Vivek Aggarwal, Dr.Rashi Srivastav, Dr. Chakshu Gupta, Dr. Aaiman Siddiqui, Dr Shweta Rai

2980 - 2988

The Impact Of English Language Learning Strategies On Student Success In Higher Education

Pasupuleti Venkata Ramana, Rajaneesh Kumar Hv, P. Lakshmilavanya, K. K. Sunalini, Punit Pathak, Rwitabrata Mallick, C. Priya

8557 - 8563

Influence Of Celebrity Endorsement – An Effective Tag-Line

Ms. Shraddha Laddha, Dr. Jitendra Talreja, Dr. Manish Jain, Dr. Ruchi Mantri


Creative Research: Teacher and the Candle

Panya Roongruang, Chutasiri Yodwised, Manop Wisuttipat, Zhang Yuxin


Metaverse: Shaping Tomorrow's Virtual Reality Landscape In The Era Of Imagination

Dr. Rajnish Bishnoi, Ms Neha Purohit, Palwinder Kaur, Ashish Pathak


The Green Library Concept And Initiatives In India: A New Era

Mr. Abhijit Mohanrao Patil, Dr. Ravikumar Jani

3604 - 3609

The Effect Of 8 Weeks Of Visual Reaction Trainings On Recognition Time In Badminton Athletes Between 10-12 Years Of Age

Tuba Kızılet, Enis Sesalan, Nurettin Ersin Uzun, Ayşenur Kurt Türkoğlu, Hakan Hüseyin Kudak


The mental image of the United States of America among the Jordanian public after the outbreak of the Gaza War

Majed Numan AlKhudari, Ashraf Mohammed Al Manaseer, Mohammad O. Abu-Rahme, Muhammad Saleh AL-Omari


Influence Of Intergovernmental Articulated Participation On The Effectiveness Of Management For Health Results

Cyndy Yandyra Serna Campos, Hilda María Bernal Cartolin, Mario Huachaca Felix


Neural Toxicity And Deviating Behaviors: A Review Study

Ibrahim Abdul Jaleel Yamani, Izzeldeen Alnaimi, Ahed J Alkhatib, Suleiman Alnaimi


A New Method for Detecting Advanced Persistent Threats Utilising Machine Learning

Firas Zawaideh, Murad Magableh, Hassan Al_Wahshat, Firas Rashed Wahsheh, Said Mohamad Altahat, Arkan Walid Al-Smadi


The Importance Of Mental Processes In The Development Of Thinking Of Teenagers In English Classes

Kurbanova Dilnoza Arslanovna, Abdurasulov Rustam Abduraimovich


Using Social Networking Tools for Teaching the English Directive Speech Act of Command to Undergraduate Arab EFL Learners

Meshari Ali Alsairi, Adel Mohammed Qadha, Fatema Modaf Alharthy, Saad Sharaf Alshahrani


The Impact Of Social Media On The Sports Field In The Arab World

Saba Nageb Mahmoud Jarrar, Waleed Ibrahim Ahmed Mohamed Hamza, Asaad Ebrahem Abdala Eltorpany


Personal Entreuprenuerial Competencies (PEC) Of Returned Migrants, Evidence From Kerala

Dhanya Krishna, Dr. Ayoob C P, Muhammed Shamil, Kadeeja Hiba M


Role of Family in Educational Attainment and Upward Mobility

Shyam Krishna TP, Dr Manish Bhatnagar


The Effect of Creativity, Academic Supervision of School Supervisors, and Teacher's Professional Attitudes on Teacher Performance

Muhammad Arafah, Eva Meizara Puspita Dewi, Muhaemin B, Wasir Thalib, Syamsul Bakhri Gaffar


A Review On Herbal Medicine Use In The Management Of Tuberculosis

Kush Biswas, Piyasha Bhadra, Anushree Mistry, Anirban Karmakar, Yashwant Singh, Meena Bandiya


Viragal: The Saga Of The Heroes Of Andhra Pradesh

G. Lenin Babu, Gomathi Gowda, Vishweshwari Tiwari


Financial Responsibility: Exploring The Influence of Vehicle Loan Repayment Credibility On Behavioral Perspective.

Mr. S. Saravanan., BE., MBA., (Phd), Ms. K. Aishwariya, Mr. Yeswanth. R, Ms. Sruthi. R, Ms. Dharshini.R


Computer Vision Syndrome Among The Undergraduate Students, Itm University, Gwalior

Sunil Kumar Sah, Himani Chauhan, Mathew George, Prashant Kumar, Shreya Thakral, Ruby Singh


One Nation, One Election In Federal Democracies: A Comparative Study Of Global Experiences

Dr. Seema Devi, Shashank A Anand, Babu Lal, Shivam Chauhan, Arvind Yadav, Shiva Kashyap


A Case Of 22q11.2 Microduplication Syndrome With Review Of Literature

Dr. Rangesh Kumar Balakrishnan, Dr. Aakash Chandran, Dr Melachuru Sai Padma Charan, Dr. Vidhyasagar Krishnmoorthy


Sequential & Patch Analysis Base Video Forgery Detection System Using Deep Learning

Shaik Irfan, Moram Tejas Kumar, Betha Sriman reddy, Dr.G.Kadiravan, Lingisetty Samba Siva Rao, Dr M Madhusudhana Subramanyam


Global To Local Perspectives In Succession Planning Of Family Business In Unorganized Sector

Dr.Krishna Kumar TP, Dr.Suriakala , ,Dr.N Shankar, Deepak M


The AI-Driven Supply Chain: Optimizing Engine Part Logistics For Maximum Efficiency

Srinivas Naveen Reddy Dolu Surabhi, Hussain Vali Buvvaji, venkat Rama Reddy Sabbella


Analyse Customer Behaviour and Sentiment Using Natural Language Processing (NLP) Techniques to Improve Customer Service and Personalize Banking Experiences

Dr M Suresh, Dr.G.Vincent, Dr.C.Vijai, Dr.M.Rajendhiran, M.Com, Ph.D., A.H.Vidhyalakshmi, Dr Sundarapandiyan Natarajan


Exploring Consumers' Readiness And Acceptance Of Beacon Technology

Dr. Dipti Jain, Ms. Shipra Bhutani Uppal, Dr. Sanjeev Kumar Singh


Marketing Innovations And Their Impact On Financial Performance: Perspectives From Management Experts

Dr. Rohit Sublaik, Swati Prajapat, Mr. Sony Varghese, Dr.Vandna Sharma, Sarkhan Jafarov


Investigating the factors in the athletes’ reluctance to life insurance

Reza Aghaabbasi, Azar alinezhad, Ghaleb Ghadiri


Effect of Bone Levels on Abutment Screw Loosening in the Mandibular First Molar Region: A Three-Dimensional Finite Element Analysis

Dr. Shaiq Gajdhar, Dr. Sajda Khan Gajdhar, Dr Samar Saeed Khan, Dr. Mohammad Shammas, Sarah Abdullah G Alghamdi, Bayan Abdullah G Alghamdi


Interactive Multimedia Game-Based Math Learning In Higher Education

Joko Azis Westomi, Basuki Wibawa, Ifik Lakswirinto Arifin


Utilizing Games In Teaching English Vocabulary Inside Classrooms A Case Study Of Jordan

Mohammad Adnan Subhi Al-Khattab, Azza Jauhar Ahmad Tajuddin

5188 - 5194

Social Media And Its Impact On Moral Values Among School Students In The Emirate Of Abu Dhabi

Fawwaz Yassine Musallam, Mohammad Salman Alkhaza’leh, Bilal Fayiz Obeidat, Reema Al Qaruty, Mohammad Issa Alhourani, Wided Dafri, Mohamed Elsayed Elzeiny, Tamara Sheloul


Math Anxiety Among Full-Time And Working First-Year Students In UAE

Maher Ibrahim Tawdrous, Khaled Younis Alderbashi, Djonde Frega Antiado


Cultural Exchange And Cross-Cultural Understanding In Homestays, Garhwal Region

Parveen Chand, Dr. Manoj Kumar, Aakash Alariya, Avinash Adhupiya, Pushpender, Lovelesh


Digitalization and Healthcare Quality

Monu Jain, Dr. Pushpkant Shakdwipee, Tavlin Kaur Bhatia


MongoDB Oplog Archiving: Strategies And Experimental Analysis

Gayatri S. Kapadia, Dr. Sonal Kanungo, Jalpa P. Pandya, Dr. Rustom D. Morena

6378 - 6387

Prediction Of Hate Speech Classification Using Secured Supervised Machine Learning With Nlp

Dr.Kavitha Subramani  ,  Hemalatha.P , Dr.M.S.Vinmathi,  Kavya.S ,  Aswini.T

918 - 926

Teachers Lived Experiences In The Limited In-Person Instruction

Tess P. Englis, PhD(c), Wendelyn A. Sasan, MSped(c), Marissa A. Moscrip, Psych, Angeline M. Pogoy, EdD, Mark N. Abadiano, PhD


Educational Coaching And Icts Applied By University Professors In Universities, Villa El Salvador-2023

Retamozo-Riojas, Danny, Lopez-Almeida, Mercedes Evangelina, Caballero-Cantu, Jose Jeremias, Reynaldo-Campos, Saravia, Sessarego-Solano, Chauca-Tapia ,Carol Tatiana

1757 - 1762

Impact Of Age And Gender On Optimism Amongst Residents Of Uae

Sana Nadeem Burney, Areeba Aamir, Haaniya Ahmed, Caye Francheska Carandang


The Impact Of Cybersecurity Risk Disclosure On The Quality Of Financial Reporting And Market Value. Evidence From Egyptian Stock Market

Sameh Mohamed Amin Elnagar , Ahmed Said Abdel Azzim Ahmed, Marwa Mohamed Maher Basiouny


Applying The Plan-Do-Check-Action (Pdca) In The Vehicle Inventory Registration Process For Sustainable Transportation At Shasha Industries

Abdul Rahman S Senathirajah, Nurul Najwa Zulkifle, Veera Pandiyan Kaliani Sundram, Irwan Ibrahim, Yoshiki Nakamura, Zaimy Johana Johan


Structural Equation Modelling for Patient-Centered Medication Selection: A Decision Support Framework

Rahul Sharma, Rajesh Verma, Pankaj Kumar Sharma, Jaya Sharma, Sudhinder Singh Chowhan


The Impact Of Problem-Based Learning On Understanding And Application Of Tafsīr Among University Students

Dadang Darmawan, Bambang Qomaruzzaman, Abdul Hanan, Arif Iman Mauliddin


The Effect Of Creatine Supplementation On Lipid And Hormone Metabolism In Athletes

Gönül Rezzan Tizar, Ramazan Erdoğan, Savaş Ayhan, Ercan Tizar


Mapping the Knowledge Landscape of AI in Higher Education: A SWOT Analysis

Funmi Adebesin, Timothy Adeliyi, Deborah Oluwadele


Prevalence Of Different Stages Of Oral Submucous Fibrosis In India: A Cross Sectional Study

P Jency Evanjelin, T N Uma Maheswari, Sajjad Salam, Shubham Tripathi, Abhishek Pandey, Pranali Bahadure, Ritik Kashwani


Coping With Antimicrobial Resistance In The Context Of Periodontal Treatment: A Review

Dr. Charvi Ajay Kundu, Dr. Mayur Kaushik, Dr. Soundarya Singh, Dr. Sameer Ahmed


Nikah Halala Under Muslim Personal Law: A Critical Appraisal

Aishwarya Kamya Singh, Dr. Sufiya Ahmed


Reader Response Theory In China: A Systematic Review Of Instructional Approaches

Ting Li, Azlina Binti Abdul Aziz, Nur Ainil Binti Sulaiman


Changing Variation In The Study Of Social Exclusion In Indian Society

Divya Priyadarshini Dubey, Prof (Dr) Rajan Misra


An Inquiry In To The Narration Of Service Sector In India

Dr. S. Saravanan, Dr. S. Chandra Chud, Dr. A. Vinayagam


A Study On Emerging Financial And Cyber Threats

Dr. P. Shiney, Dr. M. Shanthana Lakshmi, Dr. S. Mahadevi, Ms. S. Shanthi, Dr. K. Rajarajeshwari


Satisfaction Of User Towards AI Tools In Education Institutions With Reference To Tamil Nadu

Dr. K. Sivaperumal, Dr. Biswo Ranjan Mishra, G. Sathya, Dr. Kiruthiga B, Dr. R. Bharathi, Dr. S. Theerthamalai


Iot-Driven Educational Assessment: Exploring Machine Learning Techniques For Adaptive Evaluation Systems

Dr. Sajja Suneel, Deepali Sharma, Anita Choudhary, Depinder Kau, Dr. KP Naachimuthu, Mr. Shyam D. Bawankar


An Extensive Analysis Of The Arbitrage Efficiency And Risk Return Dynamics Of Investment Strategies In The Indian Equity Derivative Market

Mrs. Tamilarasi K, Dr. Bhadrappa Haralayya, Dr. P. Krishnakumar, Dr. Sucheta Naik, Dr. D. Harikishan Reddy, Mr. Senthil kumar C


Evolution Of Common Turkic Divergent Elements Used In Alisher Navaiy’s Works

Kuldashev Akramjon Makhmudovich, Kuldasheva Shakhnoza Akramovna

6598 - 6603

A Study Of Talent Management And Its Impact On Organizations.

Ms. Anita Tukaram Surve, Dr. Kumkum Singh


Employee Well-Being Initiatives: A Critical Analysis Of HRM Practices

Jyoti Gupta, Dr R.Suresh, Dr. Raghavendra Krishnappa, Dr. Aarti Sharma, Prof. Mohammed Khalid R P


Effect Of Distance Physical Training To YYIRL1 And YYIRL2 Test Performance Top Class Soccer Referees And Assistant Referees

Kapelman Enver, Kızılet Tuba, Kızılet Ali, Kirişçi İlker, Kundak Hakan, Uzun Nurettin Ersin


The Effect Of Training Program With Venous Blood Flow Restriction On Some Physical And Skill Variables In Gymnastics Students At Palestine Technical University-Kadoorie

Dr. Alaa Issa, Dr. Ahmad Nassar, Dr. Maha Jarrad, Dr. Ghaith Nasief, , Dr. Mohanad Omar, Dr. Oday Daraghmeh


Work Life Balance Of Female Police Personnel

Anjna kumari, Anjna kumari, Jyoti thakur

7439 - 7444

Banking Chatbot Using Nlp And Support Vector Machine

T.Sriharsha, Dr.R.Vijaya Prakash


Sustainability Strategies In Contemporary Business Management: Integrating Environmental, Social, And Governance (Esg) Principles

Dr Amit Tuteja, Dr Deepakshi Joshi, Siva Jagadish Kumar M, Dr. Anshika Prakash, Dr. Surbhi Gaur


The Impact Of Cybersecurity Breaches On Business Performance: A Quantitative Analysis"

Dr. Himanshu Gupta, Dr. Mahima Chaturvedi, Dr. Sapna Sugandha, Srikanth Mylapalli, Prof.(Dr.) Ravi Kant Modi


Exploring The Evolution Of Chatgpt: From Origin To Revolutionary Influence

Dipankar Sharma, Dr. Deepak A. Vidhate, Dr Joel Osei-Asiamah, Meena Kumari, R., Vaishali Mahajan, Rajagopal, K.

Implication of analysisof machine learning models for predicting the risk of cardiovascular disease by considering lifestyle factors and featuresselection

Dr. Padma Mishra, Dr. Vinita Gaikwad, Dr. Mayuri Paradkar, Dr.Nilesh Pandey, Dr.RamaBansode, Mr.Shirshedu Maitra


Study of Flow Volumes of Internal Jugular Veins in Patients with Cerebral Venous Sinus Thrombosis by Doppler Ultrasonography

Dr. G. Yuvabalakumaran, Dr. R. M. Sidhesh, Dr. Birkanwar Hayer, Dr. B. Pravitha, Dr. R. Sathiyanarayanan, Dr. V. Prashanth


Emotional Intelligence And Prosocial Behaviour, Among Prospectiveteachers At Secondary Level

Aswathy D V, Betty P J, Teena Baby, Renimole K J, Sudha K S


Emotional Intelligence In Employees Working In The Banking Sector: An Empirical Study

Mrs. K. Kalaiarasi, Dr. S. Makeshkumar, Dr. M. Mary Helen Stella


" Enhancing Well-Being: The Role Of Positive Psychology Interventions In Promoting Mental Health "

Dr. R. Swaranalatha, Dr. K. Suneetha, Tania Sharma, Dr R.Madhumathi, Dr. Pawanjeet Kaur


Bio Concrete For Sustainable Construction Industry In India

Dr Anjan Kumar Dutta, Dr. Rajesh M. Bhagat, Yugasini S, Archana Tanawade, Devendra Dohare, Dr M Palanisamy

3510 - 3515

The Impact of Behavioural Biases on Professional Investment Decision-Making: An Empirical Study in the Indian Context

Dr. K. Siva Nageswara Rao, Lt Dr G Ranganatham, Dr. M. Venkataramanaiah, Dr. K.L.S. Soujany, Ch. Madhavi Latha, Suneetha

9128 - 9135

Evaluate The Relationship Between The Caregiver Burden Scale Of Care Provided To Children With Cerebral Palsy

Dr Shalini Dixit, Dr Himanshu Sharma, Dr. Gaurav Agrawal, Dr. Kapila Jain, Dr. Ghazala Khan, Dr. Mohd. Asif, Dr. Bhanwar Singh Takhar

3906 - 3910

Sustainable Development Goals – Role Of Indigenous Knowledge

Ms Pooja Mishra, Dr Bhavna Joshi, Dr Parul Agarwal, Dr Isha Varshney


A Big Data Virtualization Role In Agriculture And Cloud Computing-Base Smart Agriculture

P. Roopmathi, Dr. J. Chockalingam, Dr. A. Shaik Abdul Khadir

4565 - 4573

The Impact Of Risk Management On The Performance Of Construction Projects

Hamad Saleh Mofleh Ali Alshehhi, Roziah Sidik @ Mat Sidek, Ermy Azziaty Rozali


The Effect of Mindfulness Training on Core Self-Evaluation and Academic Burnout

Mengjun Zhu, Mansor Bin Abu Talib, Xing’an Yao, Yue Xiang, Xue Feng, Qing Geng


Impact of E-WOM on E-Loyalty with mediation role of E-Satisfaction: Evidence from the Egyptian SMEs.

Haythem Taha Abd El Aziz, Prof. Dr. Marwa Tarek Abdel Azim Ahmed, Dr. Nihal Ismail Ahmed Ayad, Prof. Dr. Dalia Fahmy Amara


Investigation On Improved Thermal Conductivity Of AA6061 By Reinforcing Hybrid Ceramic Particulates Using Stir Casting Method

Athisaya Sagaya Rajan , M. Santhosh, V.M.M.Thilak, A.C. Ramkumar, S. Jeevanantham

5297 - 5303

A Study On The Intervention Of Emotional Behavior Disorders In Chinese Children With Autism Through Family Games And Music

RuiwenDeng,  Samsilah Roslan  , Aini Marina binti Ma’rof , Zeinab Zaremohzzabieh , Yue Yin

239 - 244

Perception Of Medical Students About Online Mode Discussion By Using Virtual Tools

Dipika Baria, VSS Ramavatarm Divvi, Mritunjay Kumar Mishra, Tejas Shah


A Review on: EEG-Based Brain-Computer Interfaces for Imagined Speech Classification

Pravin V. Dhole, Deepali G Chaudhary, Vijay D. Dhangar, Sulochana D. Shejul, Dr. Bharti W. Gawali (Senior Professor)


A Study Of Psychological Well-Being Of Higher Secondary School Adolescents

Ms. Akhitha K Raghu, Prof. A. Shahin Sultana

784 - 788

Experimental study of the Mechanical Properties of Jute fiber and Coconut Shell Powder reinforced Epoxy Composites

S. Karthikeyan, Sreejith S Nair, S. Sabarish, K. Madhan Kumar, M. Ajay, V. Sriharan


Knowledge About Health And Human Rights Among Saudi Medical Students: Towards A New Era In Medical Education

Samia. M. Al-Amoudi, Jawaher. R. Al-Ahmadi, Souzan. M. Kafy, Sarah. M. Bugshan, Maram T. Alkhatieb, May.S. Kadi, Sulafa. T. AlQutub, Naabeel. S. Bondagji

6496 - 6502

Female Labour In Unorganised Sector Of Andhra Pradesh-An Empirical Analysis

Dr. Suneetha Kondeti, Dr.Narendra Kumar Illuru

1196 - 1205

The Association Of Diabetes And Tuberculosis: Causes, Diagnosis And Treatment

Khakimov Nasrulla Sabirovich, Xakimova Ro`zixon Abduraximovna, Kuchkorova Munavvar Fakhriddin qizi, Oripov Shavkat Yuldashevich, Maksumova Dinora Kamolovna, Batirova Barchinoy Tadjimukhammadovna, Sultanov Golibjon Inamiddinovich, Khudayberdiyeva Madina Jabbarovna, Abdumanapova Rano Kakhramanovna, Mamajonov Ikboljon Maribjonovich, Turaev Ilxomjon Ibroximovich


Voice For Identity In The Novels Of Octavia Butler

Dr. Yashoda Kumari, Manisha Sharma


Democratization of Education in Vietnam

Nguyen Phan Thi Thuy Dung


The Impact Of Artificial Intelligence On Environment And Sustainable Development In India

Dr. Ziaul Islam, Dr. Ashfaque Ahmed, Dr. Mohammed H Alfify, Nida Riyaz


Investigations On The Practical Use Of Recycled Plastic In Concrete

Dr. C V Siva Rama Prasad, Karre Chandan Goud


Neighbour-Aware Cooperation For Semi-Supervised Decentralized Machine Learning

Prof. Anmol S Budhewar, Prof. Pramod G Patil, Prof. Sunil M Kale


The “Rebound Resilience” - An Overview Of Manju Kapur’s Novels

Mrs. S. Poornima, Dr. V. Anuradha, Mrs. Cilvy A.V.

7961 - 7965

Image Caption Generation Using Deep Learning Algorithm

Shan-E-Fatima, Kratika Gupta, Deepti Goyal, Suman Kumar Mishra


Mobile Marketing Effectiveness On Gamification

T. Krishnaveni, Dr. V. Shanthi


Click, Shop, Slay: Analyzing The Influence Of Digital Marketing On Youth's Fashion Brands In Malaysia

Asmaul Husna Haris Fadzilah, Jessie Paige Anak Roger, Mohammad Naim Ismail, Mohammad Mujaheed Hassan, Chan Tak Jie, Nur Fardilla Nadia Abu Baka6, AL Amirul Eimer Ramdzan Ali

2751 - 2774

A Comparative Study On Fighting Elections And Corruption In India

Badrul Alom Choudhury, Dr. Ritu Singh Meena


Corporate Social Responsibility In India: Current Landscape, Challenges, And Future Directions

Dr. Priya Agashe, Dr. Mayuri Yadav, Dr. Prapti Dhanshetti, Dr. Prachi Pargoankar

8536 - 8542

Beyond Belief: A Scientific Inquiry into the Myths and Looms of Hindu Rituals

Dr. Nabin Thakur, Dr. Ritendra Roy, Dr. Ajoy Ghosh, Dr. Sabiruddin Molla


Improving Vaccine Accessibility After The Covid Pandemic

Dr. A.S. Vaanmathi, Dr. Vidhyasagar Krishnamoorthy, Dr. Rangesh Kumar B, Dr. Balakrishnan T, Dr. Hamritha A


Big Data Analytics In Fintech: A Review Of Credit Risk Assessment And Fraud Detection

Dr. M. Parthiban, Mr. P. Krishnamoorthy, Dr Namrata Kapoor Kohli, Dr. Sunil Adhav, Dr. Khaja Mohinuddeen J

3676 - 3684

Market Orientation (Mo), Strategic Flexibility (Sf), And Organizational Improvisation (Oi): A Path To Business Performance

Tanveer Akhtar, Prof. Madya Dr. Lily Julienti bt. Abu Bakar, Dr. Maliani Mohamad


A Study Of The Factors That Influence The Success Of Digital Marketing In A Dynamic Marketing Landscape

Prakash Borah, Dr. Roopa KV, Dr. Poornima Y, Dr. Maddela Prasanthi, Abhishek Duttagupta


Agricultural Marketing: A Bibliometric Analysis

Kousik Boro, Dr. Rajesh Deb Barman

9846 - 9860

Artificial Intelligence and the Privacy Paradox: Challenges and Opportunities in Legal Adaptations

Ms. Trisha Gosain, Ms. Kavya Bhatia, Ms. Rashi Sharma, Ms. Sakshi Bhanvra, Ankita Shaw, Dr. Tulika Singh, Binu Hazarika Kashyap


An Empirical Review of India's Automobile Manufacturing Sector in The Global Value Chain

Kanika S Tomar, Dr. Mahua Bhattacharjee, Dr. Anjali Tandon


Perspectives On Game-Based Learning Within The Higher Education Sector

Noora Alshehhi, Khadeegha Alzouebi, Tendai Charles


Sentiment Analysis of Covid-19 Tweets Using BERT

Sanjeet Kumar, Dr. Jameel Ahmad

5052- 5059

Impacts of Corporate Governance on Corporate Sustainability Disclosure in the Food and Beverage Industry Vietnamese listed firms.

Thi Ngoc Ngo, Thi Lien Huong Nguyen, Ngoc Khanh Linh Nguyen, Thi Hien Nguyen, Thi Ha Dinh


Acceptability Of Rice Corn Flour (Zea Mays) As Corn Cake

Junard S. Carreon, Mafel A. Piol, Maricar P. Rellon, Oswald John G. Caro, Cathy Grace B. Morillo


Bi-Di Fuzzy Lattice KS-Operator Group

M.U. Makandar, A.B. Jadhav


Intrusion Detection System For Phising Detection Using Convolution Neural Network.

Jayapradha J, Vineethkumar S, Vigneshwaran R, Ramprasath A


Navigating The Employee Landscape At Byju’s: A Comprehensive Satisfaction Assessment

Prof. Sareet Suresh Kunden, Dr. Yashswini Varde, Dr. Subir Ghosh, Dr. Nalini Dixit, Dr Samrat Ray, Dr. Sumitra Roy


Wildlife In India During The Colonial Period

Anshu Sharma, Dr. Rahul Tripathi


Application Of Digitalization In Legal Science: Theoretical And Legal Analysis

Zhuraev Saifiddin Akhmatovich, Mukhitdinova Firyuza Abdurashidovna

Seroprevalence Of Rubella Antibody Titres Amongst School Going Children

Dr Sakshi Upendra Bhatia, Dr Karra Saraga, Dr Hamritha A, Dr Vemulapalli Harsha, Dr Vidhyasagar Krishnamoorthy


Predicting Employee Turnover Through Advanced Hr Analytics: Implications For Engagement Strategies

Akram M. Alhamad, Ismail Mohamad Hilan, Ibrahim Seghaer Mohamed Alghowl, Mohamed Ibrahim Eljaiebi, Khalid Khamees Mohammed Buraqan

964 - 972

Indian Urban Kitchens: Space Analysis For Elderly Users Of Pune City, India

Shweta Hitesh Gade, Dr. Shilpi Bora, Dr. Smita Suryawanshi


A Proposed Vision For Developing Institutional Performance In Arab Universities Appropriating The Standards Of The European Foundation For Quality Management (EFQM)

Ekhlas Mohammad Abdel-Ghani Alraba’y, Amjad Mahmoud Daradkah, Turki K. Alotaibi, Mohamed G. Hussein, Omar Mohammed Alkharabsheh, khaled M Hamadin, Bayan Thaher Almadi, Areen A. Al-nemrat, Maria Salih Tawalbeh, Burhan Mahmoud Hamadneh, Mohammad Sulieman Jaradat, Muneera M. ALShurman, Mohammad Ahmad Momany, Salma saud aldakheel, Ashraf Mahmoud Ahmed Mahmoud


Emotional Intelligence Among Adolescents Reared By Authoritative Parenting Style

Sanna Jan, Chirmi Acharya, Sajad Hussain3, Anum khan, Aqueleem Un Nabi, Aqueleem Un Nabi


Assessing Pedagogical Students' Learning Outcomes Through A Competency-Based Approach.

Nguyen Thi Kim Anh, Ho Quang Hoa, Nguyen Thi Ha Phuong


A Review On Nutrigenomics And Metabolic Diseases

Niyathi Mohanan, Riya Yadav, Luxita Sharma


Role Of Self-Efficacy And Locus Of Control In Intertemporal Choices

Angeleena Yalamanchili, Abel Anil Thomas, Lorraine Maegan Ryan Latorre Villamor


Design And Analysis Of Fin And Tube Heat Exchanger

Dnyaneshwari Wable, Rushang Tidke, Tejas Tilekar, Chetan Wajge, Rahul Wagh, Sunil Shinde, Uday Valvi


Frosting The Future: Innovations In Iot-Enabled Refrigeration Security

Kirti Muley, Suhasini Vijaykumar, Deepali Shahane, Shubhangi Mahadik, Gaurav Prabhu, Harsh Umredkar

2857 - 2864

Chestx-Edge: An Integrated Approach For Outlier Detection In Chest X-Rays Using Dimension Reduction And Edge Detection

Dr. Asha PN, Prof Subramanya SG, M. prudhvinath reddy, Midathala prasad, Dinesh Karri, Nettem arun kumar


Development Of Augmented Reality Application Centered On Fundamental English Vocabulary Learning

Piyanan Pannim Vipahasna, Kitipoom Vipahasna, Thosporn Sangsawang


Media Bias And The Efficacy Of Legislative Measures In Addressing Gender Disparities In India

Ms. Shweta Rathore, Dr. Aditi Mukherjee Chakravorty, Mr. Himanshu Shukla


Association Between B Vitamins, Anxiety And Stress (B-VITAAS): A Systematic Review

Luxita Sharma, Dhananjay Sharma, Shivangi Sharma, Mansi Joon, Gunjan Gulia

8979 - 8989

Towards Carbon-Free Automotive Futures: Leveraging AI And ML For Sustainable Transformation

Vishwanadham Mandala, Srinivas Naveen Reddy Dolu Surabhi , Phani Durga Nanda Kishore Kommisetty, Bala Maruthi Subba Rao Kuppala, Roopak Ingole

3485 - 3497

Customer Personality And Brand Personality In Service Brand Evangelism: Mediating Role Of Brand Satisfaction

Shahid Ali Khawaj, Dr. Syed Sibtain Ali Shah Kazmi, Muhammad Faheem Jan, Dr. Siti Falindah Padlee

4004 - 4015

Black Hole Physics

Mohammad Hossein Firouzi

10096 - 10118

A Prioritization Method to Optimize School Operational Assistance Fund by Using AHP Approach

Salman A. Totalia, Trisno Martono, Sigit Wahyudi, Khresna B. Sangka, Winny Swastike


Utilizing Artificial Intelligence in Legal System with Special Reference of India

Rajnish Bishnoi, Rajvir Kaur, Navdeep Kaur, Harmandeep Kaur, Amandeep Kaur, Anmoldeep Johal


Technology Business Incubator Performance: A Bibliometric Study

Nurrina Abdul Rahim, Logaiswari Indiran, Anbalagan Krishnan, Azlin Abd Jamil, Franco Gandolfi


Extracting The Effectiveness Of Ankle Proprioceptive Neuromuscular Facilitation Techniques On Balance And Gait Parameters In Sub-Acute Stroke: A Study Protocol For Randomized Controlled Trial

Anushka Suhas Rane, Dr. Vikrant Salphale , Shivani Patil, Darshana Chachra, Priyanka Botre, Rohit Kshirsagar, Nidhi Nair, Falah Quazi

519 - 524

Impact Of Digital Education On HEI’s Teachers In Terms Of Accessible Higher Education: An Empirical Analysis

Rajni Verma, Prof. (Dr.) Shalini Gupta, Prof. (Dr.) Manpreet Singh Manna


Investor Sentiment And The Function Of Blockchain Technology In Relation To Digital Currencies: The Here And Now And The Future.

Syed Mohd Minhaj, Ada Rehman, Alok Kumar Das, Vivek, Mohammed Arshad Khan, Asar Inkesar, Nusrat khan, Mohd Janey Alam Khan


An Investigation Of The Effectiveness Of Biofeedback-Based Stress Management Training For College Going Students

Dr.Lubhawani Tripathi, Dr. Saroj Nayyar, Jyoti Dubey, Dr.Sarika Sharma , Dr. Rochana Shukla, Neetu Singh


Prediction Of Strength Properties Of Ultra High-Performance Concrete By Using Artificial Intelligence And Machine Learning Techniques

Vaishali Mendhe, Dr. Ketaki Kulkarni, Dr.M. Nithya, Festus Olutoge, Dr Srihari Vedartham, Aaron Anil Chadee

6479 - 6483

Technology And Its Role In Shaping The Future Of WorkLife Balance

Dr. Annie Stephen, Dr V Mohana Sundari, Dr. B. Thayumanavar, Dr. Rajeev Kumar Shakya, Dr. E. Muthukumar

1045 - 1053

Arapça Eğitimi Alanında Terminolojinin Oluşumuyla İlgili Meseleler

PhD.Dr. Rashidova Nargiza Bakhtiyarovna, PhD.Dr.Sagdullaeva Dilfuza Karimullaevna


Forecasting Wireless Traffic In Mesh Networks Using Deep Metric Algorithms

P.Suganya, I.Varalakshmi, A.Gugan, J.Gunasekaran, R.YuthayaKarthick


Green Horizons: Exploring Hotel Managers' Perspectives on Sustainable Practices in Amritsar's Hospitality Industry

Guneet Singh Bhalla, Dr. Pardeep Bawa Sharma, Dr. Mandeep Kaur, Dr. Amarbir Singh Bhalla


Artificial Intelligence in the 21st Century: Opportunities, Risks and Ethical Imperatives

Shahzada Akhter, Mir Rahul Ahmad, Monika Chibb, Asif Farooq Zai, Mohd Yaqoob


Methods For Writing Social Science Essays In Educational Institutions: Case Study, Perú

Mary Cruz Hernandez Aguilar, Lila Karina Huamán Munares, Violeta Lis Bello Gaspar, Milagros Del Pilar Uribe Quiroz, Carmen Liliana Castro Geldrez

1732 - 1736

HR Strategies For Enhancing Employee Engagement And Organizational Performance: A Marketing Perspective

Manisha Patil, Dr. Princi Gupta, Dr.Tulika Singh, Dr.R.Anitha, jasma Nazreen, Dr. Bhabajyoti Saikia


Q-Pearson Differential Equation With Applications

Arezu Saebi, Ahmad Pourdarvish

2473 - 2481

Experiential Learning for Sustainability: A Catalyst for Global Change

Hen Friman, Ifaa Banner, Yafa Sitbon, Limor Sahar-Inbar, Nava Shaked


Development Of Creative Tourism Marketing Strategies And Innovation Under The Concept Of Circular Economy In Samut Songkhram Province

Jiraporn Boonying, Panida Ninaron, Cholpassorn Sitthiwarongchai, Chumpon Rodjam, Ekgnarong Vorasiha, Yenjit Klongphan, Wareeya Khlungsaeng, Tawat Phumdara


Detection of Plant Diseases using Advanced Deep Learning Methods

Shaik Ameen, Velagala Susmitha, Poranki Vyshnavi, Talapaneni Venkata Sai Teja, Dr. Nm Jyothi, Dr. M. Madhusudhana Subramanyam


Face Detection Attendance System Using Transfer Learning And Deep Neural Network

Mrs. J. Jayapradha, S. Abdul Kalam, M. Divya Coumar, S. Vignesh


Innovations In Sustainable Engineering: A Review Of Green Technologies

Banishree Sukla, Mr. Rohit Jakhar, Dr. Salma Begum, M. Mary Jasmine, Srinidhi Sundaram

3667 - 3675

Communalism In The Guise Of Religious Nationalism In Secular India

Mr. Mohammed Mazharuddin, Dr. Basavaraja G


Ranking Apulian Ecomuseums using Qualitative Indicators of Social, Economic and Environmental Sustainability

Carlo Sansiviero, Michel Frem, Gianluigi Cardone, Alessandro Petrontino, Vincenzo Fucilli


The Perfectionist's Dilemma: A Closer Look At Its Impact On Mental Health

Humaira Khanam, Aashi Toor, Sanya Nair, Adarsh Pradhan, Aahana Saha


Narratives Of People With Disabilities Of The Role Of Islam In Enhancing Health And Quality Of Life

Yasir A. Alsamiri, Omar Abdullah Alsamani, Abdulrahman Ahmed Al bulayhi, Ibraheem Mohamed Alsawalem, Abdulrahim Ajyan Alsenani, Mansour Mosleh Aljohani


A Validation Study Of The Saudi Version Of The Mathematics Confidence Scale Among General Education Students

Izzeldeen Abdullah Alnaimi, Yousef Abdelqader Abu Shindi, Habis Saad Al-Zboon, Abdullah Khretan Alenezi


Efficient Classification of Hyperspectral Image s Using Multiscale Relation Learning

Antony Vigil M S, Maganti Satya Sai Sathwik, Yara Pranav Kumar, Lakumarapu Abhishek Kumar


Financial Internal Control Optimization Of Accounting Firms Based On Information Management Technology In Jordan

Dr-Hazem Ahmad Fraihat, Yazan Mohammad Ahmad Fraihat, Dr-Gssan Mustafa Ahmad AL Qudah


Effectiveness Of Hris Practices In It Sector – A Study

G. Prashanth Kumar, Dr. D. Jagadeesan


Post Herpetic Neuralgia- A Case Report

Dr. Shilpa Khullar Sood, Dr Megha Jain, Dr. Hariyabbe Rangaswamy Likhithaswamy, Dr Bhaskar Agarwal


The Role Of Marketing In Talent Acquisition And Retention: Insights From HR Professionals

Abderrazzak Abdoune, Prabavathy M, Sonali Priyadarshin, Dr Dharmavaram Vijayalakshmi


AI-Powered Gaming And Cultural Fusion: Transformative Gaming Experiences On Indian-Centric GTA V Servers

Ameya Prashant Yadav, Vaishnavi Jadhav, Abhishek Dipak Shroff , Pradip Salve, Harshal Patil, Prof. Manishkumar Jaiswal


Influence Of Strategic Digital Marketing Channels On Youth To Select The Products

Dr. Anand Bethapudi, Dr.B.C. Lakshmanna, Dr.Padmaja Gaddam

7196 - 7199

Voices Of Resistance: A Qualitative Analysis Of Marginalized Women In Feminist Literature

Latha R , Prof. (Dr) Ananta Geetey Uppal , Dr.T.Hymavathi, Rahul Sharma, Kavithamizh M


Social And Legal Status Of Digital Autopsy In India

Ms. Shelu Sharma, Prof. Dr. Rituja Sharma


Study Of The Effect Of Antiseptics Based On Organic Sulfur Compounds In Improving The Efficiency Of Wooden Materials

A.I.Kholboeva, Kh.Kh.Turayev, F.N.Nurkulov, B.A.Normurodov, L.U.Bozorov, D.Kh.Shukurov, G.B.Rahkmatova, F.B.Kurbonov, R.A.Yodgorov


A Qualitative Study Of Gender Differences On Dimensions Of Pain

Abeera Naeem, Krestia Demonteverde, Saima Khan


Role Of Hotel Industry In Tourism Development

S. S. Deepthi, Dr. Sayeeda Jabeen Shariff


Performance Analysis And Strategic Insights Into Equity, Debt, And Hybrid Mutual Funds: A Comparative Study In India

Dr. Lavakush Singh, Dr. Nalini Dixit, Dr. Nidhi Girahiya, Mousami Vaishnav

2849 - 2856

Role Of Ai For Choking The Marketing Strategies In Service Sector Of China

Li Huashen, Li Yinping, Zhang Hainan, Dai Qinghui, Abhijit Ghosh

2989 - 2996

IT Adoption in Elementary School Marketing: Insights from Palembang Madrasahs

Sufisti Aragusta, Sulthan Syahril, Safari, Ahmad Fauzan


Work Life Balance Among Married Working Women

Shagufta Ali, Dr. Azra Ishrat, Dr. Tripti Barthwal


Virtual Reality In Education: Transforming Learning Environments

Dr. Salma Begum, Annesha Dutta, Gitashree Borah, Dr.Shaheda Sheikh, Tanvi Jindal


Human Resource Practices In Textile Sector; A Case Study Of Bengaluru City

Dr. Vijaya Kumar R S, Dr. NAGESH B, Prof. Manjula J M, Dr. Rajeswari K


Soft Tissue Considerartion In Implantology: A Review

Dr. Aprajita Srivastava, Dr. Mayur Kaushik, Dr. Mehvish Saleem, Dr. Shivi Khattri


Consumer Perceptions of Health Food Brands

Dr. Gauri Gaur, Dr. Amarnath Gupta, Mr. Ashutosh Chaubey, Mr. Krunal Mehta


Gigant Planets. Methodology For Determining The Physical Parameters Of Planets Using Mathematical Calculations Through Physical Formulas

Sayfullaeva Gulhayo Ikhtiyor kizi, Kutbeddinov Akhmad Kenjaevich, Kadirova Shoira Turaevna , Jalilov Anvar Abdulloevich, Fayziev Murat Sharafovich, Bozorova Aziza Murodillayevna, Khaitova Shakhnoza Golibjon kizi


Websites’ Quality Of Saudi Banks Analytical Study To Their Sites

Dr. Abdulhadi Mohammed Abdullah Al Mfleah Alkahtani


A Systematic Review Of Visual Merchandising Practices: Trends, Strategies, And Impacts

Prachi Dhillon, Dr. Sujata Joshi, Sherjung Singh Dhillon


Gender Inequality, Poverty, and Social Inclusion: Interconnected Challenges

Prof. (Dr.) Gayatree Goswamee & Dr. Jadab Dutta, Dr. Sarmistha Choudhury, Jasica Nevell, and Md. Aynul Bari

5261 - 5265

Tourism And Climate Change: Mitigation And Adaptation Strategies In A Hospitality Industry In Bangladesh

Tahmina Akter Poli, Md. Mehedi Hasan Sawon, Md. Nasir Mia , Whead Ali, Mitanur Rahman , Rashed Hossain, Lisa Mani


Analysis Of Dalihan Na Tolu In Conflict Resolution In The Toba Batak Community: Case Study In Medan City

Riana Lumbanraja, Marlan Hutahaean , Jonson Rajagukguk , Kepler Sinaga


A Fluctuating The Expansion Of Rural Employment In India

Dr. M. Muruganathan, Dr.S.Chandra Chud, Dr.S.Saravanan, Dr.A.Vinayagam


Factors That Support And Hinder The Effectiveness Of Pre-Natural Disaster Management In Implementing Tsunami Early Warning In Banten

Hendro Nugroho, Abdul Juli Andi Gani, Irwan Noor, Oscar Radyan Danar, Suko Prayitno Adi


Socio-Economic Development And Empowerment Through Participatory Approach

Priyanka Gupta, Dr. Sadhna Srivastava, Lakshmi M, Dr. D. Harikishan Reddy, Sneha Gupta, Ms. Shweta Chauhan


A Study On The Correlation Between Clinical Features, Spirometry And Abg In Acute Exacerbation Of Obstructive Lung Disease

Dr. S. Shanmugasundaram, Dr. Mishra Aniket Suryamani, Dr. Pravin Selvam, Dr. Jayavignesh Jayachandran


Navigating Crisis Communication Through Social Media: Generation Z's Insights

Ana Čuić Tankovi,, Prodan Toni Guć


Revolutionizing Education: Exploring The Impact of Gamification on Learning Outcomes

Ahmad Syawaluddin, Marningot Tua Natalis Situmorang, Ardhanari Hendra Kusuma, Yanti Mulia Roza, Ahsani Taqwiem


An Empirical Review Of Behavioral Biases In Investment Decisions

Mr. Vangala Jalender Reddy, Dr. B. Ravi Kumar, Dr. K. Sivasubramania Deepak


Analytical Study On Opportunities and Challenges for Empowerment of Rural Girls through Higher Education

Aneesha Henry, PhD, Kirti Cutting, PhD, Nida Tariq Hafeez, Pradhyuman Singh Lakhawat, PhD, Shivalika Sarkar, PhD


Poverty Alleviation Through Tourism Development In Bangladesh: Theoretical Perspectives And Empirical Evidence

Md. Yeamin Masum, Md. Nasir Mia, Md. Shoriful Islam, G. M Selim Ahmed, Al- Amin, Md Noor Uddin Milon, Rashed Hossain


A Survey On Analyzing Crime Patterns Using Data Mining Techniques

S. Imthiyas Ahamed, Dr. J. Chockalingam, Dr. A. Shaik Abdul Khadir


Relationship Between Hba1c AndSerum Iron And Transferrin Saturation In Iron-Deficiency Non-Diabetic Patients

Dr Vishnu Sain, Dr Jaya Jain, Dr Abhilasha Maharshi, Dr Ashutosh Jain, Dr Shilpa Shrivastav, Dr Prachi Sharma

7160 - 7164

Advancements And Challenges In Agriculture Waste Management: A Comprehensive: Review

Ritik Kumar, Amandeep Kaur, Shailja Sharma, Naveen, Harsh Bharti, Rohit Kumar

7253- 7273

Hedonic Shopping Motivation on Impulsive Buying Fashion Products with Shopping Lifestyle Mediation of Shopee Users in Generations Y and Z

Citra Savitri, Frederic Marimon, Heny Hendrayati, Wike Pertiwi , , Budi Rismayadi, Mumun Maemunah, Lutfia Fauziah


Transformative Wealth Management With Blockchain And Machine Learning

Rajbharath.R, Lohesh.RK, Sritharan.M, Vignesh.M


An Analysis Of Consumers’ Purchase Intention Of Green Fmcg Products

Prof. Surendra Verru, Dr. Suresh Babu P, (Dr.) P. Vijaya Kumar


Cyber Torts: Unfolding Trends Of Common Law

Soniya Dhantole, Dr. Sunil Kumar Pandey

7923 - 7931

The Role Of Speech Genres In The Communication Process

Saodat Parkhadjanovna Saidakbarova, Nargiza Komiljonovna Mukhamedova, Iroda Makhmudjanovna Jalolova, Zulfiya Olimjonovna Mirabdullayeva, Dilfuza Abduganiyevna Akramkhodjayeva


Exploring The Role Of AI In Redefining Diversity And Inclusion Initiatives In Marketing HR Practices

Sonia Eapen, SK. Shamshuddin, Shaifali Garg, P. Jayasaradadevi, Usman Mohideen, K. Karthikeyan

2909 - 2913

Impact Of Talent Management On Organizational Sustainable Performance: A Moderating Role Of Process Innovation

Mehran Khan Tunio, Prof. Abu Bakar Abdul Hamid, Ts. Dr. Ahmed Shaharudin Abdul Latiff, Dr. Muhammad Hafeez, Faryal Mehran Tunio


The Influence Of Agriculture Industry Characteristics Towards Management Accounting Practices (Maps)

Fazlin Ali, Nurain Najwa Ismail, Zanurul Huzaima Zainudin, Abdul Rahman Saili, Muhammad Fadzil Bin Repin, Omer bin Thabet


Corporate Social Responsibility And Stakeholder Engagement: A Comparative Study Of Industry Practices

Dr. Anuradha Inamdar, Mitrajit Biswas, Dr. Ruchi Priya Khilar, Smriti Jain, Dr. Bhabajyoti Saikia


Influence Of Gof On Software Stability A Case Study

Deepali Talreja, Dr Rajeev Sharma


Association Of Red Meat Consumption With Colorectal Carcinoma In Islamabad

Muhammad Usama, Hamza Imran, Dr. Mohammad Shakeel, Faisal Javed, Dr. Iram Yasir

3775 - 3781

The Impact of Technology on Human Resource Management: Trends and Challenges

Dr. B.Venkateswara Prasad, Muthna Harith Younus Hamraaia, Dr. Aarti Sharma, Sahana B.C, Mrs Carrel Sharel Pereira


Expansion Of Pretrial Authority After The Ruling Of The Constitutional Court

Yahman, Djoko Sumaryanto, Apriya Maharani Rustandi, Arief Fahmi Lubis, Erwin Syahruddin, Syahrul Ibad


An Efficient Brain Tumor Detection Using Ensemble Learning

Adarsh Pal, Jitendra Kumar Seth, Ayush Tyagi, Ali Haider, Akhilesh Mishra


Collaborative Learning Communities: Enhancing Student Engagement And Academic Achievement

Dr. Ashish Samuel Huri, Dr. Justin Pradeep Sahae, Dr. Aswathy Mary Prince, Dr. Rashmi Srivastava


The Impact Of Heatwaves On Healthcare Services In Developing Countries: A Systematic Review

Hadita Sapari, Mohamad Rodi Isa, Rohaida Ismail, Wan Rozita Wan Mahiyuddin, Mohamad Ikhsan Selamat


Entrepreneurial Exposure Effect

Ebose, A. O, Egwakhe, A. J., Nwankwere, I. A, Akande, F. I, Umukoro, E. J


The Causal Relationship between Returned Cheques and Economic Prosperity in Jordan

Moodhi Raid, Iyad Abed Al-Fattah Al-Nsour, Ibrahim Radwan Al-Nsour

Towards Standardization: Gamification Tool In Educational Contexts

Ms.L. Maria Suganthi, Dr.P. Senthamizh Pavai


Appliances Energy Prediction Using Random Forest Classifier

Shan e Fatima, Sandeep Kumar, Tasleem Jamal


Nurturing Giftedness in Finland and Saudi Arabia: Comparative Study

Dalal Alamrani, Maraam Alutaybi, Mohammad Ahmed Manasrah


Impact Of Advertisement On Customer Buying Decision With Mediating Effect Of Attention

Judith Gomes, Namrata Gain, Kajal Dutta, Astha Chandel

663- 669

Judicial Reform From The Advocate’s Perspectives

Shubham Gajanan Kawalkar, Prof. (Dr.) Versha Vahini


Easy Ways To Teach Math Terms In English

Tilyakhodzhaeva Fazilya Muhamedzhanovna

6518 - 6522

A Review Of Covid-19's Impact On Agriculture Economy

Dr. Rajendra Bapurao Vhatkar, Dr. Vishwajeet S. Goswami, Abhishek Dipak Shroff, Pradip Salve, Prof. Manishkumar Jaiswal, Puja Saraf


Stock Market Price Prediction Using Gated Recurrent Unit Method

N. Arikaran, G. Ashwin, M. Mohamed Salman, M. Arul Raj


Awareness & Impact Of Green Marketing As A Protection Tool For Prevention Of Global Warming- A Study Of Millennials

Dr. Beena John Jib, Dr. Yashswini Varde, Dr. Sangeeta Rajput, Dr Nalini Dixit, Dr Samrat Ray


Developing Creativity And Innovation In STEM Curriculum: Project-Based Approach In Secondary Education

Faria Ruhana, Elfi Yuliani Rochmah, Amir Pada, Yunita Suryani, Agam Muhammad Rizki

7188 - 7195

Enhancing Academic Monitoring: Examining The Correlation Between The Results Of Progress Test And The Cumulative Grade Point Averages Of Nursing Students

Eman M Gaber Hassan, Latha S Kannan, Amal Al Suliman, Sharell Lewis, Hanan Al Majed, Suad Al Abdullatif, Shainy Daniel, Jenan A. Al Matouq


Radiology Raves: Unveiling Patient Satisfaction In Uttar Pradesh's 750-Bed Hospital

Vikrant Kumar, Bhawna Solanki, Piyush Pandey, Mohit Kumar Pandey, Rahul Kothari, Neelam Rao Bharti, Fauzia Khan, Himanshu Mishra


Evaluate The Impact Of Core Exercise And Abdominal Draw-In Maneuver On Oswestry Disability Index In Subjects With Low Back Pain

Dr. Kapila Jain, Prof. Dr. Bhupesh Goyal, Dr. Reetika Singh , Dr. Sonam Verma, Dr. Yamuni Bhandari, Dr Amruta Sharma, Dr Shantanu Sharma


Sales Promotion And Customer Engagement Towards Store Brands

Smruti Rekha Patro, Dr. V. Shanthi


A Comparative Analysis Using Transfer Learning

Ms. Swati Sharma, Dr. Ruchi Sawhney, Dr. Santosh Kumar Singh, Dr. Varun Tiwari, Ms. Deepika Kirti, Dr. Vikas Rao Vadi

2791 - 2798

Important Elements In Multidisciplinary Studies Of Higher Education

Cakra Birawa, Debora, Penyang, Evi Veronica

2970 - 2979

AI-HRM: Transforming Human Resource Management With Artificial Intelligence

Prof. Parija Bhise, Prof. Pooja Karekar, Prof.Rohini Nikam, Dr. Samrat Ray

9208 - 9215

What Makes An Enterprise ‘Social’? Delineating The Theoretical Constructs Of A Social Enterprise

Chong Kok Wai, Chong Wei Ying, Tan Seng Teck, Syriac Nellikunnel, Lim Kim Yew, Wong Chee Hoo, Sam Toong Hai


Interdiction of the Bankrupt Debtor as a Means of General Guarantee

Makki Saleh Abdullah, Prof. Dr. Shoroq Abbas Fadel

4354- 4360

“Comparative Study On Brand Equity Of Payment Apps In India”

Dr. Chandrika Reddy P, Mr. Ravikiran Petluri, Ms. Shrunga A M


Sustainable Development Goals – Role Of Indigenous Knowledge

Ms Pooja Mishra, Dr Bhavna Joshi, Dr Parul Agarwal, Dr Isha Varshney


Remote Theft Alert With Car Engine Shutdown

Kuldeep Pande, Ankita Tijare, Atish Peshattiwar, Swati Nitnaware


Future Population Scenario In India And China – An Econometric Approach

Dr. S. Chandra Chud, Dr. S. Saravanan, Dr.A.Vinayagam


Quantitative Analysis of Literary Texts: Computational Approaches in Digital Humanities Research

Dr. Preeti, Dr. Neha Sharma, Dr. Jaya Verma, Latha R, Dharanish J, Bheemraj


Barriers To The Adoption Of Managerial Innovations In Moroccan Companies: The Case Of Activity-Based Costing

Zouhair Hajji, Abderrahim Chtaoui, Farrat Outmane, Mohamed Benhrimida, Chadia Zahouani


The Role Of Marketing In Talent Acquisition And Retention: Insights From HR Professionals

Abderrazzak Abdoune, M Prabavathy, Sonali Priyadarshin, Dr Dharmavaram Vijayalakshmi


Corporate Social Responsibility And Financial Statement Fraud: Evidence From Indian Companies.

Raseem Abdul Khader P, Fathima Rabeela Pandikadavath, Ashida A P, Vishnuprasad T, Dr. Nissar P


Evaluation Of Strength Properties Of Geopolymer Concrete By Using Artificial Intelligence And Machine Learning Techniques

M. Ammaiappan, Swapnil Balkrishna Gorade, Mandeep. B V, Vaibhav Saxena, Pranshu Saxena, Mihir B Baldania


Rare Medical Conditions And Leadership Challenges: Lessons Learned From A Single-Centre Case Series Analysis

Varun Arumugham,  Pravin Selvam Selvaraj, Jayavignesh Jayachandran, Kirubhakaran Kanakaraju, Ranga Bashyam S R

870 - 875

The Role Of HR in Driving Innovation And Market Competitiveness In The Financial Sector

Prasad H K, Sudindra V R, Janardhana C, K. K. Sunalini, Veena Prasad Vemuri, Mohammed Tariq Nayaab

6453 - 6457

Consumer Buying Behaviour On Air Conditioner – A Study In Ambur Taluk, Tirupattur District, Tamilnadu

Dr. A. Noorul Ameen, Dr. K. Thoufeeq Ahmed, N. Md. Faiyaz Ahmed, Dr. I. Ashiq Mohamed

1007 - 1011

Unveiling Cultural Components: Japanese And Mexican Traits In Intercultural Work Teams

Y. D. Cisneros-Reyes, E. Conraud-Koellner, M. G. Arredondo-Hidalgo, G. M. Ortega-Hernandez


SVM-Based Classifier For Early Detection Of Alzheimer's Disease

Parvatham Niranjan Kumar  ,  Lakshmana Phaneendra Maguluri

1120 - 1131

Modern Education Techniques And Technology For Economical Growth Of India

Aggala Naga Jyothi, Dr Gurmeet singh sikh, Dr. Ayuta Mohanty, Femi Ann Mathew, Dr k k Dhande, Dr Asha Karbhar Shinde


Examining Inclusive Education Models And Their Effects On Special Needs Students

Dr. Rajeshwari Garg, Dr.A. Sridharan, Dr Ravindra Babu. S, Sapresh Devidas, Dr. N. H. vasoya


What Happens If Tax As A Moderating Variable On Financial Architecture With Firm Value In Indonesia?

Heri Sasono, Irwan Moridu, Chamdun Mahmudi, Pudjo Irianto, Bakti Sri Rahayu, Sri Yuliati


Dementia: A Body without Brain (Cognitive Abilities)

Dr. Sangeeta Jhajharia, Dr. Sarita Agarwal


Assessing Healthcare Access And Utilization Patterns Among Vulnerable Populations In India: A Nationally Representative Survey

Amruta Mahalle, Dr Ajay Pethe, Shyam Fardale, Shaista Khan, Dr. Vijay Uprikar, Mr. Pratik Kodmalwar


Involvement of Drone Technology and Fire Extinguishing Balls in Firefighting

Aman Dixit, Amrendra Singh, Aaditya Pandey, Aman Tyagi, Latika Sharma, Sonia Deshmukh, Preeti Gupta


A Study of Racism in Christie’s Death on the Nile and Its Cinematic Adaptation

Prakrusmita Pattanaik, Dr. Pragyan Paramita Pattnaik, Saroj Kanta Bhuyan


Sustainable Business With Adoption Of Erp Technology For Functional Implementation

Fariyah Banu Jamaluddin Saiyad, Arooj Baig, Bisma Hasan


Challenges Of Financial Behavioral In Personal Investment: Analyzing The Role Of Psychological Factors In Decision-Making

Dr. Toopalli Sirisha, Bella Josepha. H, Dr. S. M. Uvaneswaran, Dr. Bharath Sampath, Dr K K Dhande, Akansh Garg


E-Agriculture And Rural Development In India

Palla Rajyalakshmi, Dr.V. Mohan Nayak


Domesticity and Leisure: Radical Architectures.

Cano Dominguez Maria, Cano Dominguez Minerva


The Knowledge Regarding Harmful Effects Of Continous Use Of Earphones Among The Teenagers.

Shubhangi borude, Vanshika Paduvil, Ganesh Jadhav, Komal kelatkar

8625 - 8628

Exploring The Multifaceted Landscape Of Human Rights: A Comprehensive Analysis Of Theoretical Frameworks

Dr. S. S. Das, Keertika Singh, Dr. Rajesh Kumar, Dr. Jageshwar Nath Singh, Dr. Pradeep Kumar


The Economics of Sustainable Development: Challenges and Solutions

Dr. Shalini Chaturvedi, Dr Sunny Thomas, Dr Waheeda Sunny Thomas, Dr Vandana Tiwari, Dr. Shayan Javeed


Intrarenal Artery Resistive Index – An Invaluable Tool In Detecting Obstructive Uropathy

Dr. Nagamohan Reddy R, Dr. G. Yuvabalakumaran, Dr. R. Sathiyanarayanan, Dr. N. Nishanth, Dr. Birkanwar Singh Hayer, Dr. Meerakori Chaitanya Sree


Revolutionizing The Education Industry: Swot Analysis And Predictive Modeling Approach To Enhance Students' Educational Proficiency

Dr. Leena A. Deshpande, Mrs. Pallavi R. Rege, Dr. Mrunal S. Bewoor, Prajwal Mahajan


“A Study On The Scope Of Cloud Computing In Management”

Dr. Gagandeep Kaur, Dr. Leena Sharma


Smart Financial Management Systems: Leveraging AI To Improve Employee Productivity Metrics

Ramya Ramachandren, Ms. Shivangi Seth, Dr. Gautam Sen, Dr T. B Sivakumar, Senthil kumar C


Diabetes Analysis And Observation System

Dr. Monami Mukherjee Mondal


Development Of A Prophetic Leadership-Based Leadership Model At Aliyah Islamic School In Tanah Datar

Rika Maria, Sufyarma Marsidin, Rifma, Nurhizrah Gistituati, Syahril, Misra


Evolution Of The Presentation Of Indian Classical Dance Kathak

Shobha Sharma, Dr Amandeep Singh Makkar


The Establishment Process of Startup Users in Palembang City, Indonesia

Andri Kurniawan, Agus Joko Pitoyo, Monanisa, Kiki Aryaningrum, Sukmaniar, Wahyu Saputra


"Catalyzing IT And ITES Success: The Interplay Of Leadership, Culture, And Innovation"

Kasturi R Naik, Ranajee Ranajee, Ravi Kumar Jain, Srinivasan R Iyengar


A Study Of Life Insurance Corporation (Lic) Of India's Financial Performance

Ms. Eshita Sahu, Dr. Sumeet Khurana, Dr. Bhanu Pratap Singh


From Data to Insights: Navigating the World of Qualitative Data Collection and Analysis in Library and Information Science Research

Prof. Jamal Ahmad Siddiqui, Dr. Siddharth Kuriyal, Hiranya Hazarika, Prabavathy M, Dr. Ajit Chandra Das


Secured Text-Based Emotion Classification Using Machine Learning With NLP

Dr.KavithaSubramani  ,  Nivedha.U,  Dr.L.Jabasheela,    Divya.S, Dhuneesha.E

901 - 910

Cybersecurity Challenges In Fintech: Assessing Threats And Mitigation Strategies For Financial Institutions

Dr Uma Maheswari S, Dr. Gargi Chaudhary, Francis Manna, Mr. Vivek Pandurang Khalane, Dr. E. Muthukumar

1063 - 1071

Advanced 3D CNN Techniques For Robust Face Forgery Detection

Mrs. C. Kavitha, S. Sharan, P. Yuvan Sankar, S. Mohamed Shafic


Financial Literacy and Firm Performance: Mediation of Behavioral Financial Bias

Dony Oktariswan, I Gusti Ketut Agung Ulupui, Unggul Purwohedi


Probing The Theoretical Foundations Of Entrepreneurial Innovation: Exploring Diverse Constructs

Malashree S, Dr. Ruchi Gupta, Dr. Shalini. B, Dr Kartikey Koti


Sentiment Analysis Of Movie Review Using Machine Learning

Anshika Gupta, Sweta Pandey, Mandakini Priyadarshani Behera, Subhashree Darshana, Adyasha Dash

7344 - 7354

Business Culture In Banking Operations Today: Basics

Nguyen Thi Thanh Binh, Tran Mai Uoc, Nguyen Thi My Yen

2139 - 2142

Characterization And In Vivo Efficacy Of Conamax-Derived Antibody Drug Conjugates In Preclinical Cancer Models.

Dr. Manisha Masih Singh, Shilpi Shukla, Subhadeep Sasmal, Aakansha Sharma, Dr. Suchitra S. Mishra, Arindam Chatterjee, Neelam Wadhwani, Subhadas Chatterjee


An Examination Of The Impact Of Garlic Pill Supplements As Additional Therapy For Individuals With Hyperlipedemia.

Dr. Vasudevan N J, Dr. Velmurugan.A, Dr. Siva Jeya Anand T, Dr. Baskar T


Resilient Infrastructure Of Logistics Industry Towards Industrial Revolution 4.0 In Malaysia

Resilient Infrastructure, Syamaruthadevi Sivan, Seyed Mohammadreza Ghadiri, Veera Pandiyan Kaliani Sundram, Irwan Ibrahim, Yoshiki Nakamura, Saiful Azmir Kasdi


Crime Classification Using GRU, CNN And Autoencoder Techniques

S. Jeya Selvakumari, Dr. V. Joseph Peter


The Effect Of Various Types Of Resistance Training On The Amount Oxygen Consumption After Exercise In Non-Athletic Men

Abdullah Demirli, Abdorreza Eghbal Moghanlou, Ali Burak Toy, Emre Yamaner, Şevki Kolukısa


Influencer Marketing's Effect On Consumer Behaviour In The Indian Cosmetics Sector

Dr. Shilpa Saxena Raghuwanshi, Dr. Shikha Kumrawat


A Study Of Behavioural Problems Of Secondary School Students

Trupti R. Parmar, Dr. Kusum R Yadav

3578 - 3580

Work-Life Balance Among Residential School Teachers

Prof. R. Siva Prasadh, P.Sasikala

3700 - 3707

Exploring The Moderating Effect Of Strategic Leadership On Organizational Performance And Operational Strategy; A Scoping Review

Dr.S.Fakruddin Ali Ahmed, Dr.Syed Abid Hussain, Dr.D.Baranikumar, Dr.T Lavanya Kumari


Data Pre-Processing And Its Implications In Data Mining

Dr Preeti Bala, Himani Tyagi, Ms. Rashmi Vaishnav, Shikha Tiwari, Sunil Kumar


Impact Of Corporate Announcements On Security Prices

Dr.S.Kala, Dr.N.K.Govindaraju

4230 - 4236

Doctoral Students’ Perceptions of Written Feedback and Engagements Markers on Thesis Proposals

Zina Ali Hussein, Sharon Sharmini, Lee Geok Imm, Muhammad Yasir Yahya


Investigating The Impact Of COVID-19 Disease On The Mental Health Of Healthcare Staff Recovered From COVID-19

Shahab Ali Shirkhoda, Shaghayegh Moayeri, Fateme Aghaie, zohreh akhoundi meybodi

10219 - 10227

The Variability In Mean Q Angle Of Indian Men And Women – A Review

Dr. Eshita Sharma, Dr. Navjyot S Trivedi


Professional Skills As Enculturation Among Undergraduate Students

Vigneshwari J, Dr. P. Senthamizh Pavai


Optimizing Agricultural Water Management: IC 555 Controlled DC Motor With Soil Moisture Sensor For Sustainable Irrigation

Manju, Rajendra Kumar, Soma Rajwade, Praveen Kumar Yadav, Akash Ingle, Mukendra Kumar Sahu

5392 - 5398

Fostering Financial Resilience: A Pathway Through Financial Wellness

Hrishikesh S. Kakde, Dr. Kaveri Lad, Prof. Ram Kalani


Significance And Advancement Of The Educational Technology: Holistic Development Of Learners In The Digital Age

Sonia Kaur Bansal, Rajesh kumar Sharma, Rajnish Kumar Jain, Veenu Chaturvedi, Adamya Sharma


Role Of Social Media In Legal Awareness

Pooran Chandra Pande, Dr K.B. Asthana


A Security Defending Regional Memory Evaluation Strategy For Content Exchange

Bandaru Santhipriya, Dr. Gandi Satyanarayana, Dr. Akula Chandra Sekhar


Fintech And Sustainable Finance: A Review Of Environmental, Social, And Governance (Esg) Integration

Varsha.V. R, Dr. Anil Trimbak Gholap, Dr. Santhosh C.H, Prof. Bagali Ambreen, Dr. S. Tulasi Ram

6816 - 6824

Application of Awareness Methods to Increase Reading Interest to Support Community Reading Garden Program Services

Ahmad Syahid, Ratna Sari Dewi, Muhamad Taufik BK, Cucu Sukmana, Cucu Sukmana


A Data-Driven Analysis Approach for Potential Infertility Treatments

Potnuru Rupsa, Subhashree Darshana, Siddharth Swarup Rautaray, Manjusha Pandey

7418 - 7427

How To Measure The Economic Return Of Education

Prof. Alotaibi Mohamed Meteb


Innovations In The Treatment Of Ulcerative Skin Lesions

D.R. Khakimov, S.Z. Obidov, Sh. F. Sadiev, B.X. Zakirov, В.R. Parpiev., Sh. Khonkhadjayev.


Interconnected Pathways To Quality Assurance In Higher Education: The Roles Of Outcome-Based Education, Accreditation, And Institutional Rankings

Dr. Satish Grover, Dr. Vinod Kumar Gupta, Dr. Priyanka Singla, Dr. Mohinder Kumar, Dr. Pallavi


Study Of Knowledge About LGBTQ+ & Attitude Towards LGBTQ+ In Adult Indian Population

Sanjay Singh, Anagha Nayar, Ashwina Chaudhary, Kuhoo Sharma


India’s Nuclear Policy: Evolution And Perspectives

Vijeeta Anand, Radhika Mahajan, Dr. Birendri


Investigating The Relationship Between Student Motivation And Academic Performance

Dr. K.A.Arokiaraj, Dr. K. Prakash, Dr. M.S. Sibi, Dr. R. Tamilselvi, Dr. R. Shanmugapriya, Dr. M. Sadik Ali


Service Quality Improvement And Innovation Of A Local Authority And Enforcement Organization In Malaysia. A Case Study Of Tyt Authority

Abdul Rahman S Senathirajah, Wan Nur Syahidah Ghazali, Veera Pandiyan Kaliani Sundram, Irwan Ibrahim, Yoshiki Nakamura, Norina Ahmad Jamil


Music Therapy for the Uninitiated

Siddharth Sahai, Chavi Bhargava Sharma


A Comparative Analysis Of The Production Of Milk In Southern States Of India

Dr. N. Taibangnganbi, Dr. Sowmya S, Dr. P. Sunantha


Predictive Ability Of Moral Intelligence In Academic Entitlement Among University Students

Omar Al-Adamat, Tmara Husban, Hussein Tarawneh, Nabil S.Hemedan, Mo’en Salman Alnasraween, Rami Ibrahim Shogran


Optimizing Supply Chain Management And Marketing Strategies: AI And ML Integration For Competitive Advantage

Jayanth Muthaluri, Dr T. B Sivakumar, Dr. Rahamtula, Kaushik Samanta, Sri Harsha Vardhan Sanne


Formulation And Evaluation Of Floating Tablet Of Isradipine

Naveen Nagar, Priya Kushwah, Yogendra Malviya, Narendra Gehalot, Vikas Jain


A review of comprehending the function of digital technologies in education

Dr. Abhibunnisha Begum, Dr. U. Pushpa Latha, Dr. Sabitha Kumari Francis, Ms. S. Vanaja, Dr. P. Gowri Sankara Rao, Dr. Ch. Ganeswara Rao

3741- 3747

Self-Esteem, Resilience, And Mental Well-Being Among Students

Sabahat Farooq, Dr. Jahangeer Majeed


Explanation of aggravating liability clauses in contracts under the Iranian law

Faezeh Soltani Varnosfaderani, Fatemeh Soltani Varnosfaderani, Dr. Azizullah Fahimi


Female Labour Force Participation in Surat City : A Systematic Literature Review

Dr Neha Raval, Dr Tanvi Tarpara, Dr Krishna Desai


Capital Structure Determinants: A Case Study of Pharmaceutical Industry

Dr. B M Raja Sekhar, Dr. M. Jubi, Mr. Vaidyesh M A, Mrs. Reethu Rachel Raj


Perceptual Mapping of English Dailies Using Multi-dimensional Scaling

Neha Gupta, Rohit Bansal, Kavita Srivastava


The Role Of Social Media And Decoy Effect Strategies: Studies On The Process Of Choosing A University For Prospective Students

Pratiwi Ramlan, Muhammad Akmal Ibrahim, Jamaluddin Ahmad, Yulianto, Afrilia Cahyani, Hardianti


Elevating Problem-Solving Proficiency: Industrial Based Learning for Technical Workforce Advancement

Chokchai Alongkrontuksin, Piya Korakotjintanakarn, Teerapun Saehaew


AI-Driven Traffic Management Systems In Smart Cities: A Review

Ravina Dnyaneshwar Chavhan, Dr. G.B. Sambare


Navigating Corporate Governance And Ethics: The Cornerstones Of Sustainable Business Practices

Gitangshu Deva Sarma, Dr. Sujata Choudhury, Pallab Bharadwaj, Mayuri Sarma


Improving Service Delivery In Assam's Municipalities: Strategies And Solutions

Mrs. Ritu Devi, Prof. Munindra Kakati, Dr. Deepom Baruah


Spiritual Leadership In Modern Organization: A Study Based On Bibliometric Analysis

Dr. Saroj Nayyar, Dr.Lubhawani Tripathi, Ms. Harsha Sharma, Mr. Gulsan Kumar Behera, Mrs Asha Sahu, Mrs. Jayati Sahu


Neuro Economics And Financial Decision-Making: Bridging The Gap With Behavioral Finance

Dr.S. VenkataRamana, Dr. Y. Siva Reddy, Dr. P. Pattabhi Ram, Dr. S. Sivasankara Rao


Applications Of Big Data Analytics In Cloud Computing And Smart Farming

P. Roopmathi, Dr. J. Chockalingam, Dr.A.Shaik Abdul Khadir


Emotional Intelligence And Inspirational Leadership: Fostering Resilience In High Performance Teams

Shwetha T A, Dr. Nitu Ghosh, Lopamudra Behera, Dr Kartikey Koti


Employee Relationships and Its Impact on Organizational Performance

Chakradharamahanti Aruna Kumari, Addada Narasimha Rao, Anil Kumar Tentu


Chronic Disease Management Redefined: From Episodic Care to Continuous Monitoring with Sensors

Ranjan Banerjee, Asmita Roy, Pranjal Das, Rajkumar Chatterjee, Debanjan Dey Kabiraj, Koyena Das, Dipak Yadav


Role Of Performance Appraisal On Employee Performance

Mathew Thomas, Dr. G. S. Maheswari, Dr. M. Kavitha


Ethical Implications Of AI Integration In Educational Decision Making: Systematic Review

Mohammad N. Khreisat, Danish Khilani, Maher Ali Rusho, Evelyn Ansah Karkkulainen, Almighty Cortezo Tabuena, Anton Diaz Uberas


AI And CMMS: A Powerful Duo For Enhanced Maintenance In Manufacturing

Lakshmi Shankar, Chandan Deep Singh, Ranjit Singh

8647 - 8654

Gender Neutrality Of Indian Laws - A Myth Or Reality?

Vartika Pandey, Dr Shashank Shekhar


Enhancing IoT Security Through Experimental Methods and Blockchain Integration

Rani Sailaja Velamakanni, Dr Pratap Singh Patwal


Strategy Enhancement Sale On Msmes Roadside Stall Sweet Pioneer In Makassar

Nisha Tiara Muslin, Nurdin Brasit, Fauziah Umar

9184 - 9196

Sustainable Livelihood Prospects: Bishnupriya Manipuri Ethnic Community's Handloom And Handicrafts In Assam

Dr. Subhash Sinha, Probhati Rajkumari, Suhrid Sinha , Dr. Bijoy Prasad Lohar


National Guidelines For Stem Cell Research (2017) In India: A Legal Study

Kavita Srivastava, Prof. Dr. Lily Srivastava, Dr. Tanvi Jain


Customer Attitudes And Preferences Towards The Organised Retail Sector

Dr. Sandeep Shukla, Mr. Shivam Bhardwaj, Ms. Nikita Rathore, Dr. Aniket Sane, Ms. Neha Gayakwad


Investigating The Role Of Sustainable Leadership In Driving Organizational Sustainability

Dr. P. Avinash Goyal, Dr. Parvez khan, Dr. P. Varaprasad Goud


Epidemiology Of Trauma Before And After The Coronavirus Pandemic-A Cross-Sectional Study

Hooman Rafiei, Mohammad Reza Farnia, Fatemeh Yavari, Shahrouz Tabrizi


Menstrual Leave In Educational Institutions: Still A Dream

Gaganjot, Dr. Navpreet Kaur, Dr. Shobha Gulati


Fraud And Financial Performance Of Banks In Nigeria

Akande, F. I, Egwakhe, A. J., Benjamin, R. D, Umukoro, E. J


Service Quality And Teaching Performance At The Instituto Superior Pedagógico Privado Del Centro

Oscar Omar Alcázar Aguilar, José Luis León Untiveros, Mario Jose Vasquez-Pauca, Sauri Yesenia Rincón Calvo, Herbert Alberto Arroyo Davil, Oscar Berrospi Canchaya, Gina Fiorella León Untiveros


Navigating the path from Casing Design to Precision Inspection.

Sunil Shinde, Soham Vyapari, Yuteeka Kamath, Vajreshwari Wagh, Arya Utage, Vedant Korke, Vishal Patil


The Intersection of Management and HR: Exploring the Influence of Leadership Styles on Organizational Culture

Dr. T. Venkata Ramana, Reshmi Ghosh, Renu Jahagirdar, Dr. V S Narayana Tinnaluri, Dr Abanibhusan Jena


Preservation Of Digital Forensic Evidence Using Blockchain Technology

S. Adolphine Shyni, Dr.N. Palanivel, R.Soundariya, K.Subalakshmi, S.Sivasanker


Resilience And Aggression As Predictors Of Mindfulness In Adolescents

Pranati Kapoor, Dr. Shaveta Bhardwaj, Dr Samiksha Jain


Information Technologies Based Organization Of Students' Individual Work In Tertiary Education

Ibragimova Shahnoza Turgunovna, Shakhakimova Mavjuda Tashpolatovna

566 - 571

Environmental Ethics in Poetry: An Empirical Study of Eco-Criticism

Dr. Aayesha Sagir Khan, Reshma Shaikh, Dr. Sudhamayee Behura, Pranav Prakash Gupta, Dr. Ashok Kumar Vyas

845 - 855

Social Entrepreneurship And Sustainable Development Goals: Aligning Business With Social Objectives

Dr. J. Ramya, Dr. Aarti Sharma, Dr. Shabnam Siddiqui, Dr.Neerja Garg, Dr.A. Sridharan

944 - 952

Evalaution Of Shear Bond Strength Of Orthodontic Brackets Bonded To Enamel Surface With Laser Conditioning. - An In Vitro Study

Dr.K.M shahul Hameed Faizee M.D.S., Dr.N.RajVikram M.D.S Ph.D, Dr.V.K. Shakeel Ahmed.MDS, Dr.P.Prashanth, Dr.D.Hemamalini. MDS


Developing A Religious Moderation-Based Multicultural Education Model For Religious Nationalist Student Formation

Ristri Fatimah, Agus Pahrudin, Imam Syafi’i, Romlah, Muhammad Akmansyah


GA Based Task Allocation In Agile Software Development In Distributed Environment

Pratyush Nayak, Junali Jasmine Jena, Minakhi Rout

7391 - 7400

Education Policies: Academic Growth in Hospitality Education

Upasana, Dr. Sweta Rani, Dr. Somarata Chakraborty, Dr. Sheeba Khalid


Analysis Of Product Supply And Demand Planning For Sustainable Supply Chain : A Study At Petmax Oil Company

Abdul Rahman S Senathirajah, Muhammad Danial Iqbal Bin Nadzri, Veera Pandiyan Kaliani Sundram, Yoshiki Nakamura, Irwan Ibrahim


Future Potential Of Tourism Growth In Ladakh

Stanzin Padma, Dr. Tawheed Nabi


Effect of Self-directed Instructional Approach on Students' Critical Thinking Skills in Genetics in Ogidi Education Zone

Dr Queendaline Obiajulu Ibenegbu, Helen Onyinye Muojekwu, Okafor Blessing Ifeoma, Dr Nonye Odionye, Ugwuoti Ivans Osita, Blessing Uchechukwu Nwoye, Dr Regina Ijeamasi Enebechi, Dr Regina Ugochi Chukwunta, Ezeani Jude Obinwanne, Anyaeche Ijeoma Mildred, Ifesinachi Jude Ezugwu, Ogbanufe Uchenna Obiageli


Strategic Economic Policies For Combating Climate Change And Ensuring Sustainable Growth

Dr.A. Bharathi Devi, Nagi Thirumala Venkatesh, Chintalapudi.Subhashini, Tatikonda Satish Kumar


Menstrual Hygiene Knowledge and Practices Among Adolescent Girls of Selected Schools

Ms. M.C. Kniranda, Ms. Ringkangmai Liangkiuwiliu, Dr. T David Ratna Paul


Urbanization, Challenges And Planning With Special Reference To India: Implications And GOI Initiatives

Prof. (Ar.) Mayurkumar B. Prajapati, Prof. Fennyben Patel, Ar. Ruby B. Patel, Prof. (Ar.) Meera J. Chatwani


Global Citizenship Education: A Bibliometric Review

Rasha Almohaimeed, Fadzilah Amzah


A Comparative Analysis Of Deep Learning For Remaining Useful Life Estimation

Dushyant Rajeev Bhardwaj, Javeen M U, Pratyush Sharma, Ravin D, Sriram R, Dr. A. Anny Leema, Dr P. Balakrishnan


User Experience Design And Its Impact On Human Psychology

Shahid Ahmad, Ranganath M Singari, S.L. Bhandarkar

4798 - 4808

Review Study Of Integrating Ai Technology Into Sports Training System

Zhanguo Su, Shishun Ge, Liguang Li, Yiping Su


Analyzing The Effects Of Promotional Offers: Online Vs. Omni Channel Electronics Retailers

Ketan V Sutaria, Dr. Aswathi Nair, Dr. Venkata Mrudula Bhimavarapu


Clustering Based Prediction For VM Workload In Green Computation

Dr. Shailesh Saxena, Dr. Mohammad Zubair Khan, Dr. Ravendra Singh, Mr. Ashish Agarwal, Ms. Priyanka Pramanik


The Role Of OTT Platforms In Influencing The Social And Ethical Values Of The Society

Punam Kumari , Dr. Vinay Vikram Singh, Dr. Raj Misra, Prahlad Tiwari


A Systemic Education Of Therapeutic Approaches Using Native Herbs To Treat Rheumatoid Joint Dysfunction

Anubhav Dubey, Shilpi arora, Swikriti Sharma, Gurpreet Kaur, Vaishali Goel, Meenakshi Ghildiyal, Mamta Kumari


Traditional Ornaments Of The Assamese People: An Analysis

Samujjal Saikia, Uttam kumar chutia, Bhakti Changmai , Rupjiyoti phukan, Bonashree Borah


Smart City Infrastructure In India -A Bibliometric Analysis Of Relevant Literature

Dr. Beena John Jiby, V. Karthick, Dr. G. Ilankumaran, Dr. Samrat Ray


Rare Medical Conditions And Leadership Challenges: Lessons Learned From A Single-Centre Case Series Analysis

Varun Arumugham, Pravin Selvam Selvaraj, Jayavignesh Jayachandran, Kirubhakaran Kanakaraju, Ranga Bashyam S R


The Corporate Sustainability Performance In Indonesia

Selfiani ,  Khomsiyah , Juniati Gunawan

1024 - 1034

The Issues And Challenges Of Homestay Business Sustainability In Selangor And Perlis: In The Lens Of Social, Economic And Environmental Factors

Norziaton Ismail Khan, Amrizah Kamaluddin, Shukriah Saad, Aida Hazlin Ismail, Radziah Mahmud, Nurul Nadiah Ibrahim


A Review On Computational Physics And Computational Science Through Python

Jyothi Budida, Dr. R. Padma, Dr.Kamala Srinivasan


Information In The African Markets Bolstering Conventional Indices; A Review Of The Theory And Empirical Evidences

Suresh Kumar Sahani, Santosh Kumar Karna, Dhiraj Kumar Sharma, Binod Kumar Sah, Kameshwar Sahani, Vijay Vir Singh


Health Literacy And Physical Activity Impact In Kanyakumari District

D.R. Samji, Dr. M. Ganeshbabu, M.B.A., M.Phil., Ph.D.


Medical Assistance Rover

Prof. Manisha Mhetre, Shweta Jaybhaye, Aarya Joshi, Anushka Joshi, Kartik Khomane, Yash Kshirsagar


Impact Of Macroeconomic Variables On The Indian Stock Market: An Empirical Study

Saravanan.R, Dr.E. Muthukumar, R.Meena, S.Mahalakshmi, Nisha.K.G


Transformer-Less Grid-Connected Photovoltaic Inverter

Repalle Rohit, Gudipati Kishor


Decoy Security for Chronical data in Fog Environment

Mr. Yogesh R. Chikane, Dr. Rashmi Soni


An Enchanced Audio-Based Smart Cane For Visually Impaired People

Jeremy Baldonado, Karren C. Faelangca MIT


Exploring The Relationship Between Store Appearance And Customer Satisfaction And Purchase Decision

Dr. Chandrakala V.G, Dr Arun Kumar D. C., Dr P V Raveendra, Dr. Nagesha H.G, Mrs.Sowmya C U

2708 - 2712

Assessing Motor Abilities In Basketball And Handball Players: A Comparative Study

Laishram Santosh Singh, Ningthoujam Meiraba Meitei

8515 - 8520

Ethical Values In The Islamic Economy

Chenina Hocine, ASMA Djafer


The Effects Of Attitudes Towards Sustainability And Market Pressure On Smallholders' Readiness Towards Sustainability Certification Implementation

Zanurul Huzaima Zainudin, Fazlin Ali, Amer Hamzah Jantan, Salamiah Binti Muhd Kulal, Juwaidah Sharifuddin, Kelly Wong Kai Seng, Muhammad Mu'az Mahmud, Zaki Aman, Nur Hanani Mansor, Nur Hana Basaaruddin


Organisational Behaviour And Structure In Government Organisation: An Ethnography Study

Neeru Dhama, Dr. Krati Agarwal, Anand Seth, Raman Bisht


Sensitivity of the Economic Performance of Sub-Saharan African (SSA) Countries to Selected Macroeconomic Variables: A Fully Modified Panel Least Squares Approach

Callista Chinyere Aninwike, Josaphat U. J Onwumere, Ebere Ume Kalu, Augustina Ogoma Nwadike, Wilfred Isioma Ukpere


Teacher-Student Feedback Dynamics And Their Implications For Effective Teaching

Rajesh Kanna M.R, Dr.A.Sridharan, Dr R.Suresh, Dr. Aarti Sharma, SSSV Gopala Raju


Unmasking Phishing Attacks: A Content-Centric Machine Learning Defense

Vidhi Sinha, Stuti Garg, Latika Sharma, Preeti Gupta, Dr. Sonia Deshmukh


An Empirical Investigation On Competency Mapping In Monitoring The Performance Appraisal In It Sector

Dr. N. Mohan, Dr. T. Saravanan, Dr. G. Malathi, Dr. C. Saraswathi


Understanding Consumption Motivation In Confinement Centres Through In-Depth Interviews And Nvivo Analysis

Xiaofan Xia, Logaiswari Indiran, Umar Haiyat Bin Abdul Kohar, YunYan Wang


Marketing Strategies for Financial Institutions: Leveraging Human Capital for Competitive Advantage

Dr. Pinaki Ghosh, Rashmi Aggarwal, Tanvi Verma, Prof Rupali Chatterji Bhattacharya, Dr. Seema Thakur, Dr. Alok Kumar


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